Just when you thought I was gone!

Photo+on+2011 05 31+at+12.40
Battle buddy Ebony and I!
We reported this morning at 0700.  After getting to bed at 0015, the 0500 wake-up call was painful.  Totally my fault, I was running around at the last minute making sure everything was finalized for today.  We did paperwork for three hours, with lots of (surprise, surprise) waiting around.  We filled out our direct deposit papers, made sure everything was good with SGLI (life insurance), separation pay, housing allowance, etc.  We moved over to another building to do height/weight again and I came in at 167.2 pounds!  That’s the lowest I’ve been in a long time, even with all of the eating this week!

We came home for a bit, ran some errands, and we leave late this afternoon.  Gotta run, I’ll update when I can!