It’s OK Thursday #16

Hey, hey, it’s ok!

…to indulge in some M&M’s now, knowing that you plan to make up for your lack of exercise next week during break.

…to opt to go to bed early, rather than staying up to accomplish more.

…to take advantage of a free meal and drag the whole family out.  School/community Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria tonight?  Heck yes we’ll be in attendance!

…to be excited that a student has promised to bake a peanut butter pie for class tomorrow.

…to be saddened by the loss of a favorite student to a PCS.  Damn you Fort Hood!

…to be more excited about Thanksgiving break than the kids.

…to finally buy those cold weather, long length running tights because there was a 25% off sale.

…to spending working hours thinking about a Christmas card photo.  Not sure what DH and I are going to do, although we’ve talked about both being in uniform (ABUs and ACUs).  PDA-laden photos are out of the question, per regulation.  I think we’ll be left with “loving looks” and regular smiles.  🙂  I’m thinking outdoors, although I’m not sure if we want the background to be a field setting or if we should take a picture in front of the planes on base.  We’ll see!

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