It’s OK Thursday #14

Hey, guess what?  It’s OK!  It’s okay:

  • To print out hard copies of your CDCs at work, recognizing that the online format for learning doesn’t work for you.  I’ll actually be able to take notes and highlight now!  Once I get on the computer, I’m too distracted by FB, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • To only partially pay attention to annual online trainings about Force Protection, Information Assurance, Information Protection, and Human Relations for the Air Force.  Took out my headphones and plugged right along.  I had to do one of those trainings three times because it didn’t register on my Mac (versus DH’s PC).
  • To go out late the night before UTA.  It’s the Bellamy Brothers, do I need to explain why?  Nevermind what time I have to be in the next day, ok Trinnie?  *cough* 0630 *cough*  Plus, half of the people won’t be there this UTA because of some budget issues.
  • To research the next steps in my career.  I’ve been looking at MTI school, like I mentioned before, and therefore have been considering what would happen if I stayed on in Texas afterward and started teaching down there.  I’ve been researching licensure down there (it’d be the fourth state I’m credentialed in), and while it’s going to be expensive, it won’t be too difficult.  If I were to put in a four-year tour as an MTI, I would be able to use my G.I. Bill at no cost out of pocket, so I was looking at Ph.D. programs too.  I squealed when I saw the offerings at UTSA, including a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, which sounds much more appealing to me than Educational Leadership.
  • To look forward to 7th period, because we (the math department) are going to Macaroni Grill for a Pearson Prentice Hall event.  They provide the appetizers and give you two to-go meals (nice dinner for DH and I!), not to mention instructional freebies!  I’ll drink the Kool-Aid for all of that free swag!

Those were the biggies this week!  Overall, I’m optimistic about how things are going in my personal and in my career lives.  I have a lot of good things to look forward to – many carrots dangling in front of me!  Hope everyone else is having a great week!