It worked!

Either it was my crossed fingers or your good thoughts, but it worked!  There’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon!  Not a long-term solution, but a great fix in the meantime!  DH in-processed into his new Reserve unit today, as I had previously mentioned.  None of his paperwork from his old unit arrived, which isn’t surprising.  To say we were disappointed by their organization and leadership is an understatement.  My husband has choice words, which he shares freely.  Anyway…

Now that DH has magically been made an NCO (which was bound to happen anyway with this new unit), they talked to him about getting signed up for WLC and BNOC, not to mention a 10 day TDY in Wisconsin.  You ask most other wives if they’d be excited about their husband leaving (again), and you probably wouldn’t get an enthusiastic response.  Me?  I’m ecstatic!  Full-time coursework/training = full-time active duty pay!  WHOO HOO!  Sure!  Sign my husband up for whatever you want!  He says there’s more training that he could be doing, but it’d take him away (out-of-state) from me.  He drills for the first time in November, which is when most of his new coursework will start.  I’ll be glad to see him back in the game again, I know it’s been getting boring around the house.  Thank God his dad is here to keep him company.

DH also says that once his paperwork gets submitted from his Reserve unit, we’ll finally be that much closer to getting our bonus.  If it arrives in time for the holidays, I’ll be greatly appreciative.  🙂

Thanks for all of your prayers and positivity!  I’m keeping optimistic that I’ll have more good news for you folks sooner rather than later!