I’m a Side Hustler!

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Yesterday was a big day for my guest posting, at least in my mind!  🙂  I’ve been exposed to personal finance blogs through my BFF Trinnie, who works in that industry.  One really popular blog out there is Budgets Are Sexy, written by the hip Mr. J. Money (J$)!  The blog is geared toward younger people who are getting their financial lives in order.  Tons of great information, wonderful testimonials, and a frank discussion of how we treat our cash.
J$ has a “Side Hustle” series that features the odd jobs that real people do to bring in extra cash.  Previous entries have included everything from working on a food truck, being a yoga instructor, writing questions for standardized tests, being an “adult phone actress,” and more!  
I never thought of myself as a hustler before, but one day it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The Air Force Reserve was my ultimate side hustle!  The second job that I don’t consider a job, yet just makes financial sense.  I was concerned before the post came out that I might get some negative feedback from folks who didn’t think I was serving for the “right” reasons, which anyone here knows is far from the truth.  Fortunately, I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback so far and it’s been a great experience!  Glad to spread the USAFR love!
Check out my post, to see why the Air Force Reserve just makes sense (and cents) for me, financially!
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  • Jennifer Roudebushsaid

    Love the post – your hustler post reminds me of this video from Katt Williams. I won't post the link here but he so freaking hilarious I'm not sure how you would respond to cruse words and all but theirs a few in the video.

  • Erinsaid

    @Jennifer – Post away or link it on the FB page! I'm totally fine with foul language, although I do try to watch my mouth. Good practice for me as a teacher!

  • Erinsaid

    @Jennifer – I teach high school – definitely not that sensitive! 😉 Thanks again! I'll watch that video later today!