Here and Helpful!

Still here, folks!  Some quick updates for everyone:

  • The house fell through, just as I’ve always feared during the home buying process.  The home inspection revealed tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, beyond what we could ask the sellers to fix.  Needless to say, I was devastated.  It’s been a very emotional and rough couple of days, especially with all of the other stressors in our lives.
  • My dad missed his flight and is still en route to my house at 0132 hours.  I’m glad to have him, regardless, but I feel sorry for the travel fatigue he has to endure to get here.  At least it bought me a few more hours to get things in order and go for a run this evening!  I will definitely be doing the bulk of the driving to Kansas tomorrow.
  • Oh yes, Kansas.  The purpose of the family visiting is to bury my grandpa’s and aunt’s ashes in the small town my grandma grew up in.  I was thankful to learn that I could use a leave day so that I might accompany them on the journey.  It’s a quickie overnight trip there and back, but it’s going to give me some badly needed time with my dad, who I haven’t seen since BMT graduation.  I really need to relax a bit, destress, and get away for a hot minute.
  • Feeling good about my upcoming DSST test in Principles of Supervision, after my second practice test.  So good that I rescheduled a couple of days earlier, to this coming Tuesday.  I want to get in there and take it while the material is fresh.
  • I finally created an acronym glossary for the blog, by reader request!  See that tab up there?  Go there if you’re confused about what the heck I’m talking about!  Happy reading!


  • bibliophile21said

    Oh, so thankful for the Acronym page! I have been a little clueless at times. I hope you have a good time with your father<3

  • Erinsaid

    You're very welcome! I'll try to keep adding to it if I notice I'm using acronyms I haven't spelled out.