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Disclosure – I was provided a Blogger Package from Happy Family to review.  Regardless of this fact, all opinions are my own and are based upon my personal experience with the company and its products.

This is about the time of year when I hit everyone with the, “I’m still alive!” blog post.  Seems silly, but it’s true.  We’ve settled into our school-time routine nicely, but that doesn’t make me any less busy.  On with the bullets!

  • I’m teaching full-time, arriving at work an hour early to get things done, but not putting in any additional hours to do extra duty.  The money was nice, but I like my home time with DD, and it allows me to come home, play with her, make dinner, and then start our bath/bedtime routine, which has worked out quite well for us so far.
  • On Thursday evenings I do a question and answer session on HF Military
I was recently contacted by timthumb 1.php
Fruit & Veggie Twist – Strawberry, Kiwi, and Beet
Say what?!  Beets?!  Yes, and it was good!
timthumb 2.php
Coco – Orange Mango
My BFF, who is highly allergic to anything fun (gluten/dairy intolerant, allergic to eggs, sesame, the list goes on) was actually able to eat this.  We both agreed that if you’re an imbiber, this would taste amazing with some Malibu.  That’s probably not what the Happy Family folks were thinking, but this is just a lovely tropical concoction for your taste buds!
Treat – Caramel Apple
Dessert in a pouch?  Now you’ve got my attention!  This was good and sweet without making you feel guilty afterward.  It was just enough of a dessert to take the edge off.  It’s perfect if you’re trying to clean up your diet and prepare for a PT test [*ahem*], but still, want some dessert.
Stay tuned, AHE readers!  I believe Happy Family is going to show you some love too, and I’ll be giving away a pack of their goodies!  In the meantime, this busy lady is going to trot off to bed.  Sleep is essential if you’re going to keep pushing on and accomplishing your goals!
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  • Jenna Charfaurossaid

    Erin! I swore into the USAF Reserves last month and I leave to basic 18 Feb. How long must you enlist to transition into an officer?

  • Erinsaid

    @Jenna Charfauros – Totally depends on your wing. You're at Peterson with me, right? We have a Deserving Airman board twice a year. You can apply and begin the process then. 🙂