Have a Great Air Force Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all of my readers that celebrate the holiday!  I spent Christmas Eve doing one of the best volunteer gigs out there – I purposely chose an earlier time slot this year (0600 – 0800 MST), in hopes of getting some phone calls from more distant countries.  It did help some, and I got calls from South Africa, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and a few from Canada (including a radio station in Ontario).  Once the stateside children started calling in, I had a slew of calls from Pennsylvania.  Those kids were on it!  I publicize my direct line on my personal FB page, as well as the AHE page this year, as I love getting calls from friends’ children.  I make a great effort to be a good tracker too, and apparently, I do a good job.  I listened in on a call that a friend’s children made later and the tracker had a flat personality.  This just doesn’t do in my world!
Santa Trackers are prepared to answer a number of questions, and I got some fun ones this year!  We have a general script for frequently asked questions, but we’re pretty much given free rein on the oddball ones.


  • IMG 0432
  • Who does Santa like better, One Direction or Justin Bieber?  [I answered One Direction – good thing the caller was a bigger One Direction fan.]
  • What if the Tooth Fairy bumps into Santa? – Girl with a wiggly tooth.  [I told her she’d have twice the magic that night if she lost her tooth!]
  • Why does Santa use a sleigh and not a car?  [Clearly, because a car would sink crossing the ocean, although I didn’t word it so morbidly.]
  • Does Santa use the sleigh other times of the year?  [Of course, even Santa needs a vacation!]
  • Does Santa want chocolate milk or white milk?  [Let’s mix it up with the chocolate milk.] 

I hope my readers with younger children called in yesterday!  NORAD Tracks Santa is a great way to get your kids into bed at a decent hour on Christmas Eve!  I stressed the fact that if you weren’t in bed by the time Santa came (he arrives between nine and midnight in your appropriate time zone), he doesn’t stop by.  Hopefully, I helped some parents out by striking their children with fear of a gift-less holiday.  😉

Happy holidays to you all!   



  • Dee Servancesaid

    Had no clue kids could call into NORAD and talk to Santa Trackers. Now I'm super jealous I would love to be a Santa Tracker!! Merry Christmas Erin!

  • Fransaid

    I'm still so jealous, this may or may not have been my #1 reason for wishing Ft. Carson would be our next duty station haha – one day… one day.

  • Erinsaid

    @WhisperingWriter – Glad to hear! Hope your family enjoyed it!@Dee Servance – Yes! Calling is the way to go, supplemented with some internet tracking! Thanks for the holiday wishes!