Happy Fourth of July!


Just a quick note for all of you as we close out another Fourth of July holiday.  Today is a far cry from how I spent last year at BMT [post on that and other holidays to come].  I’ve enjoyed being able to sleep in late, go to brunch with a friend, take a nap, spend a couple of lazy hours with family, enjoy some strawberry rhubarb pie, and end the night on my computer while watching a lightning storm.  No fireworks, due to the wildfires this year, but that’s a sacrifice we’re all willing to make around here.

If you’re a reader of my page, most likely you’re leaving for BMT soon or considering it.  For that, I say thank you.  Thank you for recognizing that the freedoms we enjoy today and every other day depending on volunteers to serve and defend this country.  Leaving your family, friends, and the comforts of home to attend BMT is only the beginning of the sacrifices you’ll willingly make in the name of our beloved country.  Your military career will be marked by many events just like this.

The photo above depicts me rendering honors to my little brother, a naval officer, over graduation weekend at BMT.  As I type, he’s spending the Fourth in a forward-deployed location.  He chose this deployment.  He could’ve opted for shore duty, but he didn’t.  He chose to go as an individual, attached to another military unit.  He is one of many service members who is serving overseas right now, away from our homeland and the celebrations of the day.  He’s been on my mind all day, and I hope his care package arrives soon, so he can enjoy just a little piece of home, in the form of Sour Patch Kids and M&Ms.

DH is gone too, at tech school at Sheppard AFB, down in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I confirmed some suspicions earlier – that he and I have never spent Fourth of July together as a married couple [we’re going on five years this August].  Leading up to our wedding, he was at basic training, then Korea, Afghanistan, Fort Bragg (while I relocated to Colorado), then at home while I was at BMT, and this year, in Texas.  

As service members, we don’t ask for the sympathy of others.  This is not a pity party post.  We’ve all chosen to make these sacrifices, in the name of service.  We may not always enjoy it, but we wear those stripes and the name of our branch with honor.  It’s a temporary inconvenience for a lifetime of pride.  It’s a decision and a choice that I’d make again and again, without hesitation.  

As you enjoy your holiday or prepare for your own departure, reflect and honor the sacrifices of our service members, yourself included, and know that our freedom is made up of these seemingly small, individual decisions.

Happy Fourth of July from Aim High Erin!


  • Charity Kiddersaid

    Happy happy 4th of July to you too AIMHIGHERIN!!!!You are a true inspiration! Hope you know how many people you help all the time and I say to you, thank you for your service! HUA!Be blessed!

  • Erinsaid

    @Charity – Thanks hon! I know you're got the enthusiasm and the passion to do the same! I look forward to hearing about YOUR graduation! Hope you had a great 4th!

  • Charity Kiddersaid

    Thanks Erin!I can't wait to tell you about my experience! Like you said about the old weaver part of the obstacle course, many have gone before! So excited to be a part of such amazing history!