Happy birthday to me!

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Yes indeed, today is my birthday!  The big 3-0 to be exact!  This time last year, DH was deployed and I was living in North Carolina.  Noelle went above and beyond in the friend department, by making my birthday super special.  We went out dancing that night and planned for a sleepover.  She had flowers for me, handmade signs around the house, my mom’s Magic Cookie Bars, and sugar cookies!  She even shared my love of some 50 Cent for the occasion!  May I entertain you with my favorite mash-up version?

This year the torch is passed to Trinnie, and I have no doubt that she’ll make me feel loved, as she always does.  As long as the weather doesn’t keep us away, we’re heading to my favorite BBQ joint, and Haley’s joining us too!  It’s going to be a pretty low-key night, which is my preferred plan of attack.  I hate how prices are always inflated on my birthday, so I typically steer clear of nice dinners and events.  After dinner, we’re heading back to Trinnie’s for cupcakes and queso, and getting down with some Wii Michael Jackson Experience and Just Dance 2.  Those games make for an intense workout, let me tell you!  Staying up until midnight isn’t really a priority to me, and it was always bittersweet for me, since it marked the end of my birthday.

I’m hoping the weather clears up a bit tomorrow, I’d hate to be homebound all day because of the snow, although I could finally make that snow angel.  🙂


  • Susansaid

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