Guest Submission

It’s a little dated at this point, but one of my submissions to STFU Fertiles (a fabulous blog if you’re conception challenged) posted today!  Check it out if you’re in my shoes, or if you just want to raise your personal awareness.  So many people unknowingly/unconsciously make hurtful comments to those of us who have issues with fertility.  I deal with this damn near every day at work.  You can only imagine how many times I get asked/told:

  • “Mrs. C, do you have any kids?”
  • “Mrs. C, do you want to have kids?”
  • “Mrs. C, why don’t you have any kids?”
  • “Mrs. C, you should have kids.”

Little buddies, I can’t afford to have kids right now, as I’ve conceived and I’m about to birth the Air Force.  I’m due 31 May.  If I got knocked up right now, I’m looking at a discharge and a lot of disappointment in myself for failing to reach my goal.

On another note, I’m sure kids these days think it’s easy to get pregnant, a belief that 16 and Pregnant reinforces.  I know I thought it was easy at that age, and doubled up on protection because of it.  Part of me doesn’t want to be honest with them because I don’t want them thinking you can have sex and not get pregnant (not that my experience is any of their business).  Live in fear, my children, and stay away!  If you must, I’ll point you to the local clinic where you can pick up some protection. And for the love of Pete, please make smart decisions!


  • Beckiesaid

    It drives me nuts when people think someone else's choices/ability to have a family is up for comment. I have no clue whether I CAN have kids (I have PCOS but I've also never TRIED to get pregnant), but even with just being married people are grilling us about when we're having kids -_-. We aren't remotely interested right now.As for the last part, that makes me giggle haha.