Good News and Goodbyes

Friday brought some of the best news in a long time.  Actually, Saturday brought that news, I just hadn’t been looking in our bank account.  The final installment of our travel pay came through!  I felt a little like a lottery winner – don’t tell anyone! – even though the amount is hardly lottery-worthy.  Sidnie @ Green Enough For Me joked about me doing a shopping spree.  Hardly, friends, although wouldn’t that be fun?  It does make it a little easier around here though, at least for the time being.  I was able to pay a bill I was putting off and I was able to go to the commissary today and pick up some food to carry us for the rest of the week without worrying.  FIL and I are taking off soon for Arizona, so I just have this week to worry about.  I did make a couple small purchases for myself, including a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree I’d been wanting at Walgreen’s.  Now let’s see how far we can stretch the rest of this money.  Most of my money from extra duties will start rolling in come December, so I’m optimistic about that month.  

Today brings another goodbye with DH.  He came home to visit us for less than 24 hours and is on his way back up to trucking school.  He’s got another two weeks in this course and then he heads down to do another week’s worth of training in Texas.  I’ve been telling people that his Texas training is the trucker’s equivalent of student teaching – he’ll be in the truck with an instructor riding with him.  He takes the written portion of his licensing exam tomorrow – keep your fingers crossed for him!  Things are going well, which doesn’t surprise me too much with DH, and one of the higher “ranking” instructors has already asked him if he’d be interested in becoming an instructor!  So, we’ll see where all of this takes us.  I’m not sure when I’m going to see DH again, with us leaving town soon.  I’m not sure how much time he’ll have at home (if any) before he goes to Texas and then starts officially driving after that.  I know he needs to be back in early January for drill and leadership training, but I don’t know where he’ll be in December.  My 30th birthday is coming up at the end of this year, so I’d like him here, but I can suck it up if it’s not going to be possible.  You know what they say, Stay Strong and Soldier On.

In the commissary news, I saved 13% today with 17 coupons!  I think that’s my personal best.  It really helped my percentage by not purchasing any meats today (we already have a freezer-full).  Yay for savings!


  • LivKitsaid

    I have been wanting a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree just because, haha.. I love Charlie Brown! Good for you with 17 coupons! I cant clip coupons.. Idk if I am ocd like that..but I cant! thats why I like the discount cards.. But yes yay for savings..

  • Adrie Kovicsaid

    I actually bought some Snoopy Xmas wrapping paper…we have a ton of it stored away but I had to buy it because well…it's Snoopy 😛

  • Erinsaid

    @Liv – I grew up on coupons, my mom used to cut them. The discount cards don't give you nearly as much savings as the card combined with the coupons. I know it's tough though, it can be time consuming.Yay Snoopy! I don't have any wrapping paper – I would look for some, but I'm on wrapping paper overload!