Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner!  I tried to stay up until 11:59 last night, but DH passed out and I figured I’d better go to sleep already, so I’m not a slug on my birthday.  I compiled a word document of all of the entries.  Three entrants were eliminated – one had tried to enter twice under two names/emails, the other didn’t “like” Shabby Apple on FB.  Core Values, folks – Integrity First!  Ok, that was your lecture for the morning.
The list ended up being exactly 31 entries, how ironic and appropriate!
Screen+shot+2011 12 31+at+7.13.57+AM
I handed DH my computer, as Screen+shot+2011 12 31+at+7.16.46+AM

Congratulations Allison!  Allison is an AF spouse who blogs over at Allison Lee – check her out!