Forgot to tell you!

DH is the bald headed one.  <3

Exciting news!  I’ve been crossing my fingers on this one for a while, and I’m excited to see it happening!  

Fort Carson is getting a CAB unit!

Ok, let me translate for all of you who missed that.  Carson is getting a Combat Aviation Brigade!  Helicopters!  Woot!  This is exciting because DH just left a CAB unit out at Bragg and he loved what he was doing out there.  The CAB family is fairly small too, so the likelihood of us seeing some of our beloved friends is high!  I would be over the moon if Noelle’s hubby got orders out here (after his next assignment that they already know about).

Speaking of which, 82nd CAB is heading out here soon, and hopefully some of DH’s friends will be in town.

The flag in the picture was coordinated by me, prior to leaving California.  It was signed by PGR members, HOG friends, Run For The Wall participants, and in three of those center stars are the signatures of three Medal of Honor winners, including COL Lewis Millet, whom I had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions before he passed.