Feeling ASVAB-ulous!

Just got home from taking my ASVAB test.  It was the first taste of my own hurry up and wait experience. My recruiter told me to show up 45 minutes early to the 1700 start time.  I got there around 1630, and was the only person there.  Slowly they began trickling in, but come to find out, the test doesn’t really start until 1730.  There’s nine parts to the test and each one is timed.  You can’t work ahead and you can’t go back.  I was hauling ass the entire time.  I feel really good about how I did on the math knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, vocab knowledge, and passage comprehension parts.  I was feeling somewhat iffy about the general science part [shame on me, daughter of a science teacher!], but now that I’m home and Googling answers, I’m feeling better about my performance.  Yes, feathers distinguish birds from other animals, not flight, gymnosperms have pinecones and needles, and ticks are not insects, they’re arachnids.  Heck yeah!  Woot!  

I zoomed through the math portions, rightfully so, and was noting questions that I know my students could answer.  Yeah, I’ve taught that, they can do this.  I also made mental notions of areas where I know my students would struggle.  I definitely had a leg up with all of my test-taking experience and my education.

It was guess-central once I hit the electrical information, auto shop, and mechanical parts.  I tried to channel DH’s knowledge, and hopefully it worked, but I’m sure those will be my poorest areas.  I wasn’t able to write in my book, but I really wanted to when I hit the part that asked me about which way the cogs were turning – clockwise or counterclockwise?

The last part was something I hadn’t seen in my preparation.  It was an odd visual-spatical exam that reminded me of something we’d give a student we were trying to identify as having a disability.  It would give you different shapes and you had to identify the correct picture if the shapes were all attached to each other as directed.  I am pretty sure I did well on this section too.

Sadly, the equipment that would’ve scored my test right then and there wasn’t working, so I won’t find out my score until next Wednesday.  Until everything rolls in (transcripts, test results), I just need to work on my security clearance forms.

I finally dropped the bomb on Facebook that I was taking the test today.  I haven’t mentioned my foray into the military on there, mainly because I don’t want to drop any bombs until everything is certain – I don’t want to appear like I’m making a grandiose claim with no substance.  I’d much rather chronicle my journey over here.  It was nice to get some good feedback and well-wishing from friends and family, and a friend of mine who lives down in Texas already expressed interest in attending my graduation [crossing my fingers that actually get that far and that I’m that successful].

Thanks for all of your support on here, readers!  You know I’ll post my scores ASAP!