Faith, Family, and Festivities

Today’s been a day of reflection for me.  Easter posts surround me, both in my blog reader and on my Facebook feed.  I’m at a point in my life where it holds more nostalgia than anything else for me.  There’s been a few things running through my mind:

1.  DH is an atheist who proclaims that he “hates” holidays.  He doesn’t have much of an explanation as to why he hates holidays, but I can only assume it’s because he had a horrible childhood growing up.  When I say horrible, I mean wouldn’t-wish-it-on-my-worst-enemy horrible.  Couple that with the loss of his son just before he turned three, and I can understand why child-geared holidays become meaningless.

2.  Easter is getting a little ridiculous, in the same vein of Christmas.  I read a Facebook status update where the family’s kids were going to wake up to bikes, a guitar stand, a guitar tuner, and pounds of candy.  WTFBBQ?!  Extravagant gifts now?  How do people afford to maintain this sort of thing?  I’ll bet their tooth fairy hands out twenties.  We used to get a basket of candy, and maybe a small non-candy item of sorts.  Nothing crazy though – maybe a t-shirt.  I was even a little surprised by all of the booty that Trinnie’s son and nephew were going to be receiving (and candy for a 4 and 6 year-old), although it was nowhere near the gifts mentioned above.

3.  It should be a little telling that I was most concerned yesterday about whether or not Easter would affect the hours of operation at the physical fitness center.  I had a great workout today.  I skipped my run on Friday and promised myself that I’d run both days this weekend.  I did two of my old routes without stopping and did both at a sub-ten pace.  I did that exhaustion test for my sit-ups and pushups and performed adequately.  I had a good, hard workout at the gym today and felt satisfied with my upper body work.  The shoulder press is still my most dreaded machine.

4.  Great part about the holiday is that both the gym and the commissary were empty!  No waiting for anything, and I was wandering around by myself most of the time!  The commissary was stocked too, which was refreshing, and I finally located the pizza sauce – score one for Erin!  I had some great coupons this week and picked up some nice deals in the process, including a huge Nivea Touch of Happiness body wash for free – they paid ME a penny!  Walgreens had Sinful Colors nail polish for 99 cents, and that always makes for a happy day.  I also got to use a great coupon on those new Purex Crystals – we’ll see how they work.

5.  Back to DH.  As my husband and an atheist, I am influenced, inspired, and sensitive of him and his beliefs.  I think he’s more of a humanist than anything else, as he adheres strongly to his Marine Corps value of integrity – “Doing what’s right all the time, even when no one is around.”  While I still believe in God, my faith and religion plays a much smaller role in my life than it used to.  I find myself feeling more connected to my atheist bloggy friends than those who have strong Christian beliefs and values.

6.  It was also a day of disenchantment with family – not immediate, but extended.  Thank you Facebook for pointing out the fact that a cousin of mine was in town, didn’t call, and then went out to dinner with the rest of my family.  I felt like reminding her, “I’m family too.”  I know phones work both ways, but I live a few blocks away and don’t hear anything from these folks.  It reminds me of the fact that I grew up three blocks from my mom’s brother and we never saw him.  I drove by today and it looked like they were all at the house too.  It saddens me, because I know that if my aunt were still alive, she wouldn’t have forgotten about me.  I’ve had more offers from friends (Haywee, Trinnie) than I have my family this week.  Haywee bent over backward at work this week, to invite people to dinner tonight who might otherwise be on their own.  Trinnie reminded me that blood doesn’t necessarily make family.  I’ve had more “family dinners” at her house than at my own family’s.

7.  Onto the festivities – let birthday extravaganza week begin!  I’m joking of course.  Like I mentioned, DH hates holidays, and couldn’t care less about his own birthday.  I try to make the day special and reflect his wishes as best as I can, which is difficult.  He didn’t want a cake, but I talked him into letting me make him oatmeal raisin cookies (his favorite).  I also planned for his favorite meals every day this week.  He loves my Mexican food, so I’m dishing that up at least two nights this week.  Trinnie offered to take us out on Friday (DH’s actual birthday), and it’ll be nice to have a good double date (plus Vinny) with them.  DH also got a really nice massage last night, which is a special treat around this house, since I’m usually too tired by the end of the day.

So, that was my day.  A little up, a little down.  Thirty-six days until I leave for BMT.  The excitement in palpable in my May Shippers Facebook group.  The May 3rd crowd leaves in a week, and you can imagine how they’re feeling right now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday or weekend!


  • Lousaid

    happy easter!!I cant believe kids are getting such huge gifts for easter…when did that happen! Ugh the world! Glad you got a workout in, and great shopping!

  • Sespisaid

    Those Easter presents are crazy to me too! We used to get a bunch of candy and a small something – for me usually a book. Parents these days are crazy. I'm jealous that your commissary and gym were open yesterday! Ours were both closed.

  • Erinsaid

    @Lou – Thanks! Isn't that nuts?!@Sespi – I was so thankful that the gym and the commi were open! Makes my life easier! I wasn't the only one there either!

  • Megan Dub-Yuhsaid

    Our husbands sound remarkably similar in personality. He hates holidays, too.I had the same thought about Easter and how commercial it has gotten. I really don't know how these people afford it either.It is a holiday that we do not celebrate, being that we are atheists, Adam isn't big on holidays and that it has been a day of nothing but the most horrible bad luck since we were married.I am rambling. Thanks for the post… love you!