Dual Military Photo Shoot



So, DH and I are finally taking our Christmas New Year’s card photos tomorrow!  We weren’t going to make a Christmas deadline, and I’m fine with doing something different and fun for the year.  I haven’t figured out which card from Shutterfly is going to be the winner, but it depends on how the photos from tomorrow turn out.  Isn’t this one fabulous though?!  If we have a good, single shot, I could see myself doing it.  I would love to do a collage of a few, but we’re going to be outside with big backdrops, so I don’t know how many extreme close-ups we’ll get.

The lovely and talented Randi of Hitchcock Photography will be taking our photos.  She’s a long-time friend and Colorado native, former milspouse (husband is prior service Army), and a teacher to boot!  I can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish with us tomorrow.

We’d decided to do a dual military photoshoot, him in ACUs, me in ABUs.  I decided [because really, we all know who coordinates these sorts of things] on taking photos at the Peterson Air and Space Museum.  They have a really nice airpark that will give us great backdrops for our photos.  I already have a couple of plans in mind, but I’ve never been to the park, so I’m open to other ideas.  Sadly, they don’t have a C-130H on display, which is the plane my unit flies.

What makes a dual military photoshoot different from a normal lovey-dovey couples shoot, besides the outfits?  Well…

  • No PDA while in uniform.  That means no kissing, hugging, arm around the shoulder, and no hand-holding photos.  Loving gazes and smiles, here we come!
  • No need to fuss with hair or makeup!  Hair has to be pulled back, not touching my collar, per regulation, and makeup has to be minimal.  Less stress for me! 
  • Extra holiday weight?  Not a problem, that ABU top will cover it up, no problem!  No need to suck in my stomach!
  • Cover up!  We’ll be outdoors, so a head covering is mandatory.  DH will be rocking the beret or PC (patrol cap), and I’ll be in my hat.

DH opted not for dressier uniforms – he hates his Class As – so ABUs and ACUs it is.  I haven’t taken a photo in a full-service dress since I’ve graduated from BMT, so I wouldn’t have minded it.

I’m really excited about tomorrow, as you can imagine.  I would love an amazing, canvas-worthy shot for our walls, and I know Randi can deliver!


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  • Nataliasaid

    FUN! Mr. F and I were planning on doing this but never had the time in our crazy schedule before he left. Next year we will DEFINITELY do something though!! Can't wait to see your finished product!