Dear Santa…

[ho’s up for sharing their wishlist?  Just a sampling, no need to get crazy.  Let me begin!

1.  Aveda’s Rosemary Mint gift set, with shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  I got to try this when I stayed at the Renaissance in Nashville two summers ago and I still dream of how heavenly and luxurious it is.  The scent is divine and it made my hair so soft.  I keep saying I’ll splurge on them, but I never do.

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Crate and Barrel “Classic Century”

2.  A new dinnerware pattern.  Why am I dreaming of dinnerware and china?  Who knows.  I’m a goober like that.  I pinned all of my “One Day!” patterns so I can keep them handy.  Unrealistic, financially, although the pine cones seem more attainable.   

Stetson “Pine Cone,” circa 50s-60s

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Buffalo China


3.  A Kindle.  I actually got one of these last years, but I had also gotten an iPad, so when my grandma expressed an interest in reading on a Kindle, I handed it over.  I may have even gotten a little emotional later, not because I was a whiny little child, but because it came from my dad and he addressed it to his “Reader Rabbit,” which is what he and my mom used to call me as a child.  Fast forward a year, and clearly, I’m not reading much on my iPad.  I would love a dedicated e-reader with no bells and whistles.  Give me not the option to play Words With Friends, and I may actually read!

4.  Running gear!  All sorts of running gear!  I have gloves, tights, a long-sleeved shirt, a hydration system, a replacement heart rate monitor, replacement shoes, fancy “race day shoes,” trail shoes, a nicer looking RoadID for every day, you get the idea.  Lovesome running gear, especially if it motivates me to get outside on a chilly Colorado winter day!

5.  New sage boots for my ABUs!  A practical gift, and may not seem like much fun, but I’ve tried them on and they feel amazing.  If I’m on orders for a lengthy period of time this summer, I may have to buy them.  In the meantime, I have two pairs of issued boots that serve me just fine.  If I were active duty, you’d better believe I’d own these things already.  One weekend a month doesn’t necessitate new boots though, so I’ll just covet in the meantime. 

And what’s my super large, “never gonna happen” item?  Why yes, that would be a new car!  Say that in your best Bob Barker voice and imagine the music, noises, and excitement.  If I were in the market to replace my vehicle, I’d be looking for a Chevy Traverse.  Doesn’t need to be new.  I’ll gladly take a loaded, pre-owned vehicle.  🙂


  • Kasondra Morinsaid

    Dude, making a Christmas list is entirely different when YOU become the parent. I can't remember the last time I made a list of things for me…Although I do find myself eyeing your number one…