Day 9 – Someone You Didn’t Want To Let Go, But Just Drifted

Day 9 - Someone You Didn’t Want To Let Go, But Just Drifted
friendship among military friends

Story of my life, right here.  I’ve had a lot of people, friends especially, drift in and out of my life.  I’ve been married before DH, not something I mention too often online, and in my first wedding, I chose not to have attendants for that reason.  I didn’t want to have people photographed at my wedding party that I wouldn’t have in my life years later.  I remember asking my mom (or dad, I’m not sure) about one of their attendants and they couldn’t even remember their name.  I didn’t want that to happen.

I have countless BFFs with whom I’ve drifted apart.  For some, it was a natural split, and with others, we reached a breaking point.

Rather than list them by name, I’ll list off initials:

K, B, M, J, R, S, B, F, K, K, M, M, V

As you can see, this isn’t my first rodeo.  I’ve learned/tried not to take it to heart too much, and like I mentioned in my Day 8 post, I try to focus on those who have stood by me and who deserve my attention.  I’m sure most of us have heard that “friends come into our life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”  I try to make peace with my splits and know that these friends came into my life when I needed them (or when they needed me), and left when their time was up.  I hope they’ve found happiness, wherever their lives have taken them!