Day 20 – Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

“How can you be in education if you don’t imbibe?”

That’s what I got asked two days ago, no lie.  It was said in fun, but it’s true.  Teachers are some of the bigger drinkers out there.  I knew of a pub crawl that was conducted by and for teachers after the last day of school, complete with a “class schedule” and “tardies” if you showed up “class” late.

As for me, I did my fair share of drinking when I was younger, definitely when I was in college.  It wasn’t until 2006 that I made the conscious decision to stop drinking.  Completely.  When I tell people that I don’t drink, they either assume I’m either a recovering alcoholic or that I had something traumatic happen to me, but neither is true.  I chose not to drink for a few reasons.  When DH and I first got together, we were flat broke [gee, I can’t relate to that right now].  We would go to the local country bar and run up a $60ish tab, between ourselves and rounds for friends.  That just didn’t make sense to me when we had other bills for the same amount.  Drinking gets expensive!  If I’m going to blow $60, I’d rather have it be on makeup, or something tangible.  I also stopped drinking because I wanted to ensure that I was always in control of myself and my situation – what I was saying, what I was doing, and what was being done to me.  DH was working out of state then, although not yet in the military, and I wanted to make sure that I was always safe.  I also never wanted DH to wonder if something shady might be going on if I were drinking and socializing with male friends.  It was easier to eliminate the drinking element that way it would never be questioned.  DH drinks less now that I don’t drink at all, and I prefer it that way.  I was incorrect when I calculated it earlier, but I’m up to five years of sobriety!  It’s been such a long streak so far, I don’t dare want to break it!  I’m on a roll!  I don’t miss it either.  If you want to drink, please, be my guest!  Just do so responsibly and make arrangements so that you can be safe.

When it comes to drugs, I’m pretty narrow-minded, so if your attitude is pretty lax about that sort of thing, you probably won’t agree with me.  I’ve never done any sort of drug – never.  It never seemed worthwhile to me.  Frankly, I think if you’re out of high school and still doing pot, you’re a loser.  I think I could make exceptions for medicinal marijuana, but only in terminal or severe cases.  As for any other illegal drugs, no way.  I don’t agree with using/abusing drugs and I am judgmental towards people who choose to do so.


  • Sarahsaid

    They make a drug now, called marinol that is used for patients who need medical marijuana. It's basically a pot pill. Interesting stuff. But, it really does have some good properties for those who are ill. Especially cancer patients.

  • Adrie Kovicsaid

    As much as I joke about Balkans and drinking, I very rarely drink and only like to in a social setting. My folks always tell me if I need a DD, to never hesitate to call them up. I actually did only once when I was at a party…I thought maybe they'd be mad that I was drunk but they laughed at my goofy drunk behind haha! I'll only drink in a setting if I'm around people I trust. Kudos to your sobriety! =D