Day 18 – Your Views on Gay Marriage

I’m all for it! If we truly believe that we live in a free country, then all citizens should equal rights, marriage included.  I was raised United Methodist, but the religious argument doesn’t hold any merit with me.  Not all people subscribe to Christian beliefs, so why should we impose them on everyone?  Sure, this country’s background/formation had a lot of Christian undertones, but one of our ultimate beliefs was freedom of religion.

I think the argument of the “sanctity of marriage” is a crock of shit.  Let’s take a long hard look at how some heterosexual couples have tarnished the institution of marriage.  Really?  Are we worried about what the LGBT community will do?  What could they possibly do that we as heterosexuals haven’t done already?  I could even bring in the military-specific issue of contract marriages, but that’s fodder for it’s own blog post.

In regards to legality, I think same-sex couples deserve the same rights as heterosexual couples, such as the ability to make medical decisions on behalf of their partner, to be on their partner’s insurance, etc.

So yes, I’m all for it.  I support equal rights for the LGBT community.