Day 17 – A Book You’ve Read That Changed Your Views on Something

After physically glancing at my bookcase and not feeling inspired, Margaret Anderson’s Thinking About Women comes to mind and I’m more than satisfied with that response.  This textbook was the required reading of the first Women’s Studies course I took at UCLA.  That class completely changed the course of my undergraduate education.  I started off an International Economics major (hah!) and that only lasted until winter of my 2nd year.  I was done after that.  I knew there was no way I could deal with another statistics class.  With my counselor, I looked at my transcript and tried to figure out which classes I both enjoyed and did well in.  That class was Chicano Studies.  While I really liked the class, I didn’t want to major in it.  Thinking that Women’s Studies would be somewhat similar, I went for it, almost blindly.  I fell in love, to say the least.  I made me think more critically about society, politics, and myself as a woman.  I had realizations and “aha moments” about my life and my experiences.  When I committed to WS, I fulfilled my desire to pursue education for me, and my personal enrichment, rather than education for the sake of a career.  This book is a fantastic introduction to the field of Women’s Studies.  This textbook and that class were an integral part of my education and my development as an adult.