Day 15 – Something or Someone You Couldn’t Live Without…

…because you’ve tried living without it.

I’ve gotta send this one out to DH, just because there’s a cute story to go with it.  I’ve been pretty forthcoming on here about the fact that we had a rocky start to our relationship.  There’s been more than a couple times where we’ve talked about splitting up, both before and after we were married.  

The closest we’ve ever come to splitting up was back before he enlisted in the Army.  I decided that I’d had enough and it was time for us to take a big step back in our relationship and have that courtship we never really had in the beginning.  He’d move out and we’d start over, if that.  We even went as far as to make arrangements for him to move in with a friend, checked out the apartment (together), and coughed up his portion of the deposit/first month’s rent (via money order, no less).

We got home and started to pack his things up.  At some point, I had a breakdown, sobbing, and decided that I didn’t want him to leave.  That was it!  That was our biggest “break.”  Even now, he tells me that he can’t stay mad at me.  We have our tiffs and arguments, but we’re definitely better together.  <3