Day 14 – A Hero That Has Let You Down (letter)

Dear X,

I remember meeting you when I was just a child.  You were getting ready to marry a relative of mine.  I was enamored with you, although I can’t remember why.  Maybe it was because you seemed so beautiful, so young and in love.  I wanted to grow up and be like you – energetic, great smile, and big sparkling eyes.  I wrote you an embarrassingly sappy letter at the time, telling you how cool I thought you were, and even quoting Bette Midler lyrics.  I feel so ignorant now, but I was young then and I didn’t know who you’d become.

You’ve made a series of mistakes, or what I’ve seen as mistakes, in your life that has tarnished my opinion of you.  Maybe you weren’t ready to be young, married, and a mother.  You sure didn’t act appropriately for those roles.  Who am I to judge though?  I’m no saint myself.  But I just can’t look at you the same anymore, not through the eyes of a child.  You can’t change what you’ve done, but I hope you choose to start taking the high road.