Crossing My Fingers


I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that tomorrow is the start of a brighter week for our family.  Tomorrow, DH finally checks into his new reserve unit.  I’m hoping that we’ll get a copy of his drill schedule since that’s a new thing for us to get used to.  I’m hoping that it means that the ball will finally begin rolling on our bonus for joining the reserves.  It’s not the answer to all of our problems, but it will definitely give us more breathing room.  I’m hoping that we’ll get our allotments set up for child support and that we’ll be able to get back on board Tricare Reserve.  To all of you that complain about Tricare, it’s even worse when you’re not on it.  I want to see all of this as the start of something better for our family.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes looking upward.

In other news, my commissary run today wasn’t as fabulous as last week’s.  My coupon savings was $11.29 with 13 coupons for an overall savings of 8%.  Can anyone tell me about the commissary surcharge?  How is that calculated?

We – well, the menfolk – carved pumpkins tonight at Trinnie’s.  I don’t think I’ve carved one with DH since 2006, so it was fun to put him in charge of the task again.  He did a great job, and I think you’ll be seeing that one for Wordless Wednesday.  😉

Here’s hoping the week starts off well, and I don’t get swallowed alive with meetings!