Civilians Say the Darndest Things!

This was too funny not to share with you all…

I get over to Trinnie’s house and she’d saved the latest copy of US Weekly (October 18th) for me because it has an article on Teen Mom.

I’m flipping through the pages and I come across this gem of a quote from Hilary Duff, about her husband leaving for hockey training:

“He left too soon.  Now he’s gone, and I’m alone, like,
‘Why am I alone right now?  I’m a newlywed!'”
Have you picked yourself up off the floor yet from laughing?
Homegirl got married in early August, which by my standards gave her two months with her hubby before he left.  Raise your hand if you spent less time with your DH before he bailed.  o/
I know there’s been some criticism out there from other milspouses about being too harsh on civilians – missing someone is missing someone.  Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty, but I’m coming from a “count your blessings” perspective.
As for Hilary, she can do what the rest of us do – take her scads of money and do some retail therapy.  I don’t think that’ll be an issue for her.  😉  I won’t even mention the fact that she’ll have the option to board a private plane to make conjugal visits to her DH…wouldn’t that be nice, milspouses?


  • Expat Girlsaid

    I wouldnt like to board a private plane to Baghdad but I would sure like it if the plane was coming in this direction with my hubby on it! He bailed four weeks to the day after we got married : (!!

  • Erinsaid

    Yeah, DH and I got married on a Thursday and he left for AIT on that Monday. We never had a night together since they weren't allowed overnight passes.

  • wifeofasailorcomsaid

    *raises hand* I was lucky… I got seven weeks. However, that was the longest we've spent together at one time since our marriage began.

  • Erinsaid

    True, Megan, I feel for you on the 15. I can only imagine that was a shock after having 11 months together.We were apart so much, so often, that it really wasn't that big of a change when he went to A'stan, especially since we still weren't even living in the same state at that point.Wifey, I hear ya on that one. We've only recently been spending longer periods of time together, since we've been married, although I don't consider myself too unfortunate, since we were together 1.5 years before he enlisted.

  • Stephsaid

    That kind of stuff annoys me. I hate when people on facebook are like my husband just left for the week and I miss him already. Cry me a river.

  • JGsaid

    It is pretty hard to sympathize with celebrity "hardships," 🙂 but I do find myself being too judgmental of civilians sometimes. My SIL's boyfriend went on a business trip for like 2 weeks and was outside of cell coverage. She was going nuts on facebook and in my mind I thought, "Ugh, toughen up!" But I went ahead and left a little "sorry, I know it stinks but it'll be over soon" message on her status. She immediately replied, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I have no right to be complaining, I can't imagine doing this all the time." That was a humility pill. Thanks for participating in the Weekly Roundup!

  • Erinsaid

    @JG – That's thoughtful that she was conscious of her mistake – most people aren't. I know it's true of other relationships too (forgetting about being thankful for what you have), such as when people complain about their mothers. I'm envious of those who have their mothers around to have that relationship!