Christmas is All Around


I haven’t watched it this season, but it’s coming!  Love Actually is one of my most favorite holiday movies!  Ensemble cast and British humor at its best!

I absolutely love:

“There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?”  That costume was TDF – I love the bubble wrap on the underside of the octopus tentacles too!

The scene where Hugh Grant dances to The Pointer Sisters.  There’s a reason why that song is on my iPod.

Mr. Bean gift-wrapping.  ‘Nuff said.  Reminds me of my good ol’ days at Williams-Sonoma!  We weren’t that fussy, but they definitely have standards for wrapping styles.  I would gladly pay for wrapping if it were Mr. Bean behind the counter!

I cry every time I watch the scene where Jamie proposes to Aurelia.  So, so sweet.

I love the version of “All I Want For Christmas” they do at the end of the movie.  Trumps Mariah Carey’s any day! 

Billy Mack?  Game on.  I start singing from the get-go.

Who else loves this movie?  Such an amazing storyline.  I love how so many of these ensemble cast movies try to come close, but never quite make it.  Can you believe this movie is already 8 years old?


  • Erinnsaid

    gah! I posted a clip from the movie in my blog post today. I seriously LOVE Love Actually. It is so so good. sigh.

  • Its a Dog Tag Wife Lifesaid

    I LOVE this movie. I just watched it the other day. And I have "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters on my iPod also because of this movie 🙂