The challenge has been made!

My current Personnel functional badge.

I mentioned in my last post about that nifty TDY opportunity in my unit.  I know little about it, but it’s wishful thinking.  I got talking with a friend from BMT and tech who is also a Personnelist (and who’s also does the same work on the civilian side), and she knew about the same opportunity but says you have to be a five skill level in order to participate.

Oh really?  Hmm…

I joked about December and her initial reaction was very “jeez, yeah right!”  If that’s not a challenge for me, I don’t know what is!  I’ll even give it until January UTA, which gives me plenty of time.  This is hardly the most difficult academic/studying task I’ve ever had, and if I aim for January I’ll have all of my week-long Thanksgiving break and my winter break to study.  I can do it, I know I can.  I should be able to finish the first volume (out of three) tonight.

I’m motivated, I really am.  This would be one more thing to check off my list on the road to greatness.  The five skill level is required for me to promote to SSgt, which is still a couple years out.  The next goal after that would be my seven level CDCs, which is where it (CDCs) stops (I believe).  Better to focus on this stuff now before I look into putting in my MTI packet, and definitely before I start pursuing my next civilian degreen program.

[Are you confused?  CDCs, Career Development Courses, are bookwork that needs to be studied and then tested upon to advance in your field.  Certain levels correspond with higher ranks as well, so you have to progress in order to rank up.]

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