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Just wanted to do a quick catch-up post, as well as connect newcomers to some resources out there!  It’s been a long UTA weekend, but very invigorating!  I’ve got more ideas of things to share with you all, so stick with me!

Today I had the opportunity to meet with the newly formed Development and Training Flight for the 302d Air Wing and the 310th Space Wing.  Another Personnelist and I discussed the different weeks of BMT and offered our advice, answered questions, and hopefully didn’t overwhelm our DEPrs with too much information!  Meeting with people face to face was a fantastic refresher for me and a reminder of how much I love doing what I do.  Life always throws me challenges and keeps me busy, but I try to get back.  Thanks for bearing with me!  If you were a part of D&TF today, sharing for sharing your time with me!

While I was there today, I mentioned the numerous Facebook groups that are currently in existence for future trainees.  I can’t stress enough that this is a great way to network with people who may end up being on your flight.  These folks can keep you accountable and motivated, as well as provide an additional forum to answer questions.  A number of operational Airmen are a part of these groups as well, and answer questions.  You can find me in a number of these groups, answering questions when I can.

January 2013
February 2013 – There are two groups, one here and one here.
March 2013
April 2013
May 2013

If you have a later ship date than the ones mentioned above, consider starting a Facebook group for your month!

Women of the USAF – This Facebook group has both operational Airmen and future trainees on it.  It was originally designed to be for women currently in the AF, but the number of trainees has increased as well.  It’s a good resource if you have female-specific questions, or want to potentially find another woman in your career field.  Overall, a very friendly and approachable group.

You can sometimes find an online forum or Facebook group for your AFSC if you search for one.  Give it a try, just remember to be courteous and respectful of those present, as many have been in the field for a number of years and these groups are typically designed for operational Airmen in the career field.  Sometimes it’s better to lurk and take it all in, as well as search to see if someone has answered a question of yours before you make a new post. 

In other AHE news, I’ve been the subject/contributor on a couple of pieces recently that I thought I’d share with you!

Airman Blogger Aims High – An interview for the “Through Airmen’s Eyes” series on AF News.  Also reposted on 

A Different Kind of Deployment Checklist – Things the milspouse wouldn’t necessarily think of for deployment prep, on USAA’s Military Spouse Community.

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