Busy, busy, busy!

So much to catch you all up on!  I meant to do it yesterday for Miscellany Monday, but never got around to it now that I’m back at school.  It’s Tuesday and here we are, with 13 more school days before winter break.  I can do this, I can do this!
Thanksgiving break wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped it’d be.  Are you suprised?  You shouldn’t be – that’s the way things go.  I did do a number of things though:

  • oil change
  • clean living room [in preparation for Christmas decorations]
  • run Fort Carson’s Turkey Trot 10K [I even saw Kellee Lyn of I did manage to prepare my first ever Thanksgiving dinner and it was a success!  We have scads of leftovers, like everyone else, largely because I figured I’d make two boxes of Stovetop stuffing since my husband said he loved it so much.  It was just DH, DD and I.  Our riced potatoes turned out awesome, the turkey brine was a huge win.  We just did a turkey breast, so the leftovers went into dinner last night.  I got to use a ton of my Franciscan Autumn to set the table, and my “good” vintage silverware set, so I was pleased with how the table looked.  I don’t entertain too often anymore, so I love when I do have the opportunity to pull out all of the stops.  I even picked up a couple pieces for my silverware set, thanks to Google search.  Who doesn’t need a new gravy ladle and serving spoon?  🙂 

    The weather was beautiful all week, which was a pleasant surprise here in Colorado.  Too bad I spent most of the first part of the week feeling sore from the 10K, which is just a little pathetic by my standards.  It hurt to go up and down the stairs.  I did get out there and run on Thanksgiving while the turkey was roasting though!  Nothing like a 5K around the neighborhood to “earn” your dinner!

    DH and I spent a lot of quality time together this last week – lots of movies, lots of snuggle time, a couple outings, etc.  We don’t get a lot of that and during the week I’m pretty consumed, so it was a great week for bonding time.  We need that time together, and we’re both in a much better place right now because of it.

    I’m not a huge Black Friday person, largely because we haven’t had the funds in recent years and we’re not traveling/spending the holidays with anyone.  DH and I don’t really exchange gifts, and he isn’t big into holidays [so he claims, yet he’ll put up my Christmas tree to make me happy].  I still love browsing those ads though, and I’m always up for temptation by a favorite company!  When I heard that QVC was doing a TSV on the new lacklandDH and I went to an antique mall I’ve never been to before, where my FIL has a display case.  We popped in to pick up FIL’s checks and of course I had to browse.  They were doing a discount for customer appreciation and many booths were having sales on top of that.  I was checking out some of the military collectibles in one booth when I spotted it – the decorative Lackland pillow sham, which I recognized only by the letters “AND!”  I’d been wanting one of these and it was priced at $10 before the 30% off.  Score!  I have shams from Fort Leonard Wood (where DH trained), so it makes me happy that we can chronicle both of our experiences in pillow form.  I also fell in love with a new/old dinnerware pattern [notice a trend?] – Stetson Pine Cone.  My dear Aunt Trisha, whom you may remember as the beloved great Aunt I lived with out here in Colorado, has rustic, pine cone decor in her cabin (thanks to a piece of hard-to-find dinnerware from the 30’s).  I know if she were still alive I would’ve bought these for her.  Pansies remind me of my mom, pine cones remind me of my Aunt Trisha, two of the most special women in my life.  What’s cool about this pattern is that it was sold at the grocery store in the 50’s and 60’s.  I don’t believe there’s a lot of pieces in the collection, but I could see myself incorporating it as my Christmas dinnerware pattern.  My mom had Spode Christmas Tree – anyone else grow up with a special holiday dinnerware pattern?      

    pineconesThis week is a busy one here at work.  I’m doing the usual morning and after school tutoring sessions (for a total of six sessions), plus detention monitoring on Wednesday after school.  It makes for a busy week when I don’t get home until late, make dinner, and then work on my CDCs.  UTA is this weekend and I need to have my CDCs done.  I’m in the middle of the longest (and last) volume, and I’ve been highlighting and taking notes in the margin, so it’s a tedious process.  We all know how difficult it is to be motivated when you have a husband who wants attention, dinner to be made, and a DVR that needs catching up on.  It’ll get done though!  It’s going to be another productive night, and I should be done tomorrow!  Thankfully the last two units are short, so after tonight it’s downhill from here.
    Thursday is the big day – er, night!  My Lady Antebellum concert, courtesy of the Air Force Reserve and the Get1Now program!  Get1Now is the program that replaced getting a cash incentive for referring friends to the local recruiter.  I’ve enjoyed it so far – you can get all sorts of prizes (mainly electronics) and there are concert opportunities in addition.  I got a new iPod Nano a few months ago and now I’ve got Lady A tickets for free!  The seats are pretty good too and I knew from following AFR FB page that they typically do a meet and greet prior to the show!  Be still my heart!  I’m going to be thisclose to Charles Kelley!  DH is supposed to go with me, but there’s a chance he may have to sit this one out.  Haley is ready, eager, and willing to take his place.
    I was fortunate recently to win a giveaway from Olivia @ Simply Sunshine and Daisies for a copy of My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software.  I’m super excited because I have a fairly detailed, albeit incomplete, scrapbook documenting DH’s time in the Army.  I’ve wanted to do something for my own military career, but I’m reluctant to invest in scrapbooking materials that are going to gather dust with the rest of my supplies.  Digital scrapbooking would be ideal for me since I’m on the computer most of the time anyway.  There’s not a whole lot of AF-specific stuff out there, but there are some resources here and there.  I’m hoping to get my download code soon so I can start scrapping, although I probably don’t need the distraction this week.
    All in all, a pretty great break – bring on round two!  Hope everyone else enjoyed the holiday!