BMT: YouTube Debut!

It ain’t pretty, but then again, neither is BMT!  Am I right?  Dang skippy…

My Air Force anniversary plans of dining at The Airplane Restaurant fell through last night, after a hectic day at work.  Since I had some time, I figured I would finally pump out one of those videos I’ve been promising!  Go easy on me, folks.  It was the end of the day and I set up shop in a corner of my dining room.  It’s my first YouTubing experience, so I didn’t realize how long the uploading would take.  I ended up giving up and going to bed while it was still processing.  I didn’t get a chance to edit – maybe one day I’ll make a better title screen and have fancy captions.  🙂

This video is the first in a series on rolling and folding, which is easier shown than described through words.  As this is an introduction, I don’t get into rolling and folding just yet, but describe the necessary materials, why it’s important for graduation, and its purpose in the training environment.  I’ll show you what an inspection sheet looks like as well, so you can understand the magnitude.  The only thing I forgot to mention is that you’ll need a ruler too! 

Enjoy!  I’ll jump into our first actual items for rolling and folding in the next video.  Subscribe to my channel if interested!


  • Angelasaid

    Yay! Nice video, can't wait to see the rolling and folding. My husband was listening to it as well and said when he went through in 96 they had to fold everything into 6" squares.Can't wait to watch the next one!

  • Nataliasaid

    Great video! I can't believe how detailed you guys had to be!! I expected this at Basic but they now focus on combat readiness, our inspection was in full battle rattle. Can't wait for more videos!

  • Erinsaid

    @Ang – Thankfully, no 6" squares!@Natalia – Nope, our inspections in MOPP gear were random and didn't affect our graduation. It all boils down to how your personal area looks in BMT. Dare I say it? That's why there's more sloppy looking soldiers out there than Airmen! 😉 You could probably smoke me on the physical stuff though, albeit maybe not so much in your pregnant state!