BMT: Love in the Squadron


Source: via Erin on Pinterest

As you get closer to graduation, your MTI will begin discussing some common tech school issues with you.  There are high instances of extramarital affairs as well as new marriages that occur at tech school.  They may sound extremist when they warn you of these possibilities, but they’re not far off from the truth.  You’ve just been “released” from eight and a half weeks of being severely restricted, and now you’ve got freedom and money to burn.  Throw in co-ed classes, bars on base, the ability to wear civilian clothes, and leave the installation and (to quote my dorm’s red rope) “people start losing their damn minds.”  Expect to hear these warnings at the end of the BMT, and don’t completely blow them off.  Keep a watchful eye over your wingmen and help them make smart choices.  I’ve seen both of those situations happen and once you’re there you’ll see how easily it can happen, even to the best of people.  Be cautious about making permanent decisions during a temporary situation.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!  Remember those Core Values of Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do!  😉


  • Mrs Duhsaid

    Ah, the crazy tech schoolers. It only takes one night at Tiffany's (the bar outside the Valley Hi gate) to see the kind of trouble they all get themselves into…

  • Erinsaid

    Tech school was good times. I wouldn't mind repeating it. It seems like I was present in the moment back then. One day for future training/retraining!

  • Rusty Vapessaid

    Loved having a sister flight while I'mBMT 2001. As a man we constantly conversed about who was the hottie. Although the women are pretty raggy during BMT they start looking better and better as the weeks go on. Mostly I remember eating chow together as you took the first available table with open seats. 4 people at each table and I was always mixed with our female flight. I would be so hungry at chow time after eating everything in my tray that when the females left food on their tray I would grab any leftovers and chow it down. After BMT when we all went to our tech schools I hooked up with a couple of women from my BMT sister flight. Once they could wear makeup and civilian clothes they went from a 4 to at 8-9 and hormones are raging from both sides. Being in medical at Shepard AFB Witchata Falls, Tx where the majority is women in your dorm it was some of the best times in my life.