BMT: Air Force Pride!

Trainees show their pride and motivation through various ways at BMT, including regular recitation of the Airman’s Creed, Air Force song, and living up to the Air Force Core Values.

Knowledge of these items is not essential before BMT.  You should know of them, but if you don’t have the 100% memorized before you go down, don’t stress too much.  I remember reading through them on the plane.  When you get settled into your squadron, you’ll receive a copy of your memory work, which includes the AF song, Airman’s Creed, and so forth.  I believe we were told we had a week to memorize these items, but by the time 1WOT and PT startup, you’ll be reciting them every morning at PT, so the sooner you learn those, the better.

Airman’s Creed
The Airman’s Creed actually hasn’t been around that long, only since 2007.  When you get out into the operational Air Force, you’ll find a number of SNCOs (Senior Non-Commissioned Officers) who don’t know the creed, because it wasn’t a part of their training.  Say it loud and proud, and show off that Warrior Ethos!  You’ll recite the Creed every morning at PT when you begin classroom instruction each day, and during Parade when you graduate.  An MTI will recite the first line (“I am an American Airman”) and you’ll chime in with the rest.  The last line is usually spoken as loud as you possibly can, or near screamed if you’re outside.

I am an American Airman.
I am a Warrior.
I have answered my nation’s call.
I am an American Airman.
My mission is to fly, fight, and win.
I am faithful to a proud heritage,
a tradition of honor,
and a legacy of valor.
I am an American Airman.
Guardian of freedom and justice,
my nation’s sword and shield,
it’s sentry and avenger.
I defend my country with my life.
I am an American Airman:
Wingman, Leader, Warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind.
I will never falter,
and I will not fail.

Air Force Song
Not a good singer?  Doesn’t matter.  You’ll be signing the AF song “loud and proud” every day before PT!  In those first few weeks of training, we would sing it at night in the dorm before lights out, just to practice.  Make sure you yell that “hey” nice and loud!
Off we go into the wild blue yonder,
Climbing high into the sun;
Here they come zooming to meet our thunder,
At ’em, boys, Give ‘er the gun!
Down we dive, spouting our flame from under,
Off with one helluva roar!
We live in fame or go down in flame.  Hey!
Nothing’ll stop the U.S. Air Force!
Air Force Battle Cry

Your squadron has its own motto and battle cry.  For use in the 324 TRS, it was “Check out these Knights!  Ready for Battle!”  You’ll also have a squadron chant, which is used during PT and also during the Airman’s Run.  Ours was “3 – What’s it feel like – 2 – to be struck by – 4 – by a Knight’s sword?”  All of the squadrons share the AF battle cry, which is typically used before chow in the first few weeks and it is also said [shouted] during Parade.  It’s also where I got the name for this blog.  🙂

Aim High!  Fly!  Fight!  Win!
Air Force Core Values
The Core Values are the backbone of your training.  Your MTI will be denoted in the computer database (“BMTS,” I believe it’s called) whether or not you’ve exhibited the Core Values for the week, or whether your behavior has demonstrated a lack of Core Values.  I’ve written about them before – they are essential to your success at BMT and beyond, in your Air Force career.  They could merit a post on their own, and maybe I’ll touch upon them more in the future.  They came up every day in tech school and still influence my efforts in the operational Air Force.
Integrity First
Service Before Self
Excellence in All We Do

Again, don’t stress if you don’t have all of these items memorized before BMT.  Trust me, by the time you’re done you’ll know them all inside and out.  Most importantly, say them all “loud and proud,” with pride as a member of the World’s Greatest Air Force!


  • Teddysaid

    As usual, very well written. I went to a coin ceremony/retreat on Thursday and loved the reciting of the creed by the airman. I hope to attend a graduation soon. One of the joys of being retired military, can go when i want. Do have a curiosity question. Why do they all carry flashlights during daylight hours?

  • Erinsaid

    Thanks Teddy! I don't blame you for wanting to go – the energy is great! We actually don't carry flashlights during daylight hours. If you see a flight with flashlights during the day, it means that they were out early that morning when it *wasn't* light and they're just now heading back to the squadron. 🙂

  • Amy cakessaid

    Did you have to learn the Air Force chain of command before going in? I hear that is a great snake pit quiz. Any information on this would be great!

  • Erinsaid

    @Amy cakes – Nope, you'll memorize it when you're down there, and yes, it's a popular snake pit question. 🙂