Always better together!

Alas, I’m not talking about DH and I here.  🙁  If you’ve followed my story, I’m pretty used to being on my own and not having DH around to help me.  FIL came to live with us in September and lives in our basement.  I know some people are really hesitant about moving their in-laws in with them, and even my dad and his wife questioned the move.  I never thought twice about having FIL come live with us, as he and I get along fabulously.  He and I traveled from CA to Missouri for my wedding and to watch DH graduate from BCT.  We’re great travel buddies and have similar vacationing styles.  We like to go with the flow, we enjoy seeing the same sights and tourist traps, and we enjoy each other’s company.  FIL is retired Air Force and has owned multiple small businesses over the years, including antique malls.  Walking down into our basement is truly like walking down into his house, since it’s so different from our spaces, design-wise.

When I was putting up our Christmas stuff the other day (more pictures soon, I promise!), it was so nice to have FIL around to help!  DH isn’t huge on holidays and I’m typically on my own when I end up decorating.  This year FIL was here to carry boxes in from the garage, wipe down the boxes (which hasn’t happened in years), help me put the tree together and string the lights.  FIL is awesome around the house.  He is so easy-going and pretty much does what you ask of him (not that I put him to work on unreasonable tasks).  It was nice to have much of our Christmas decorations go up quickly and easily with his help.

Fast forward just a bit to Thanksgiving.  FIL’s brother (and partner and son) live in the Phoenix, AZ area and FIL comes down quite a bit.  FIL’s brother-in-law has a background in culinary arts and cooks up a storm, so we had been planning to spend the holiday down here and get our grub on.  Since I had a week off for Thanksgiving (go teaching!), it made for a nice chunk of time to get out of town.  This drive would’ve been a two-day excursion if I did it alone, but with FIL we drove straight on through!  He even took two four-hour shifts to my one.  The drive was pretty uneventful, as we did 90% of it at night.  We thought at times we were going to get some snow, but thankfully it never materialized.

That’s about all for now.  After arriving at 0500, we only got about five hours of sleep, so my brain is kind of fried.  We have plans to go outlet shopping, hit a local country bar, stop by Trader Joe’s (Colorado doesn’t have any), run down to Yuma to visit my Grandma (and uncle, dad, and dad’s wife), and hopefully jump on base to do some shopping at the MCX.

Busy week ahead of us!  I already know I’m going to need a vacation to recover from my vacation!  Hope you all are enjoying this short week!


  • Erinsaid

    Thanks hon! He IS awesome, I'm really glad to have him! Looking forward to this week and hoping we have some good stories for the blog!