All dressed up with nowhere to go!

Oh Colorado, why must you hate me?  I take a big girl step and trot my happy behind down to nb759

New Balance 759

My fitting was quite the experience!  Of course, I had to call my dad (who’s gearing up for his third LA Marathon) and Noelle (who finished a half marathon back over Thanksgiving), my resident runners, along the way.  I also realized last night that my spring break starts the weekend of the marathon.  I can’t tell you how tempting it would be to fly out there for the event, although my dad already has two couples in town visiting.  I wonder if I would only make it that much more challenging (I’d need to be picked up from the airport).  Tickets are only $200 right now, which isn’t bad, but I should really be doing a getaway with DH before I leave for basic.

I arrived at CoRunCo in the last hour before closing, so I tried not to be too difficult.  They had me stand on this machine that measures my correct shoe size and measures the pressure points in my foot!  It comes back like one of those heat-seeking images – certain parts of my foot came up on the computer screen in red, other parts were orange, yellow, etc.  My feet came up normal, with a neutral arch.  The biggest lightbulb moment for me was finding out that I’m supposed to be wearing running shoes in a size larger than my street shoe!  Doh!  That’s helpful to know!

My sasquatch feet, as DH likes to call them, resulted in three pairs of shoes being brought out from the stockroom.  Even bigfoot likes to have options!  I had a pair of Nikes, Saucony, and New Balance.  I tried on all three pairs of shoes individually, then went outside for a walk in each.  The feel was fairly similar amongst the Saucony and the Nikes, so we ended up trying one on each foot.  Eliminating the Nikes, I went for a short jog outside in the two remaining pairs.  My saleslady, Jillian, really stressed that I wanted to find a shoe that felt like I had nothing on my foot, as opposed to the thinking that I need a lot of “support,” which is a word I gathered she didn’t like.  She pointed out that after long, strenuous activity, I would feel the shoe 10x worse, so I wanted a shoe that didn’t fee like anything.  Those shoes were the New Balance for me, and despite my uneducated belief that my foot should be cushioned, I took her advice.

Onto the treadmill I went, in my selected shoe!  They have you do a comfortable jog while they video tape your feet from behind.  My slowmo run came up on screen, and she measured the angle that my feet were hitting the surface, to determine if my shoes were a good fit for me.  Luckily, everything came up good!

My 15% military discount later and I was on my way out the door with a new pair of big girl running shoes – my go-fasters!
Too bad the snow had to go and spoil my opportunity of proving if I can really go faster today!  I’m eager to see how my shins are doing, given my pain on Wednesday.  Guess it’ll be another upper body night!


  • hmbsaid

    I did my gait analysis at Colorado Running Company, too! I don't remember the guy's name, but he was really the bee's knees. They were awesome there! Good luck with your new sneaks!!

  • AngieDMacsaid

    My shoes look exactly like that except they're blue! I had to get fitted for special shoes because I had plantar fasciitis and slight flat feet.