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Seems an odd topic outside of Mother’s Day, but the timing is personally motivated.  Nope, not about my pregnancy either, I’ll think I’ll update those of you that are interested at the bottom.

My Loving Mother; 12/20/49 – 2/19/01

Today is the 12th anniversary of my mother’s death.  She died at the age of fifty-one of ovarian cancer when I was just twenty.  In the past, I’ve written tribute posts here on the blog, but I felt like doing something different this year.

To those of you that have a supportive mother (or mother figure) present/active in your life while you embark on your Air Force journey, embrace it!  I can’t tell you how blessed some of my fellow flight members were to have proactive mothers who were involved during their time at BMT.  I watched as those trainees received lengthy letters from their moms on a daily basis, complete with pictures and requests for the names of trainees who weren’t receiving letters, so they could write to them too.  These were the moms who made their trainees custom banners for the Airman’s Run, cheering them on from the sidelines.  I had my own family/support team there, for which I’m very thankful, but I would’ve loved for my mother to share in that accomplishment. 

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If you have a mother who wants to be involved during your time at BMT, or who is anxious and in need of some reassurance while her baby is away, I recommend that you direct her to AF WingMoms.  AF WingMoms is a comprehensive support network for loved ones (not just moms) that details the weekly highlights of BMT, an extensive amount of graduation information for those attending, positive support and encouragement ideas (PS&E), and AF family resources.  AFWM started on Facebook originally, so I encourage you to send your loved ones to their page as well.  From there they can network with a squadron group on Facebook, as well as a group that is specific to their trainee’s flight (as well as their brother/sister flight).  It’s a great way to network with others that are going through the same experience and to keep each other motivated, just as trainees can keep themselves motivated in their own Facebook groups.

Whoever makes up your cheerleading team while you’re at BMT, whether it be a large group of extended family and friends or just a significant other, focus on those who’ve supported you through this dream and have encouraged you every step of the way.  While it’s fun to prove the nay-sayers wrong, those that have stood by you during the process will continue to keep you motivated during the difficult times at BMT. 

More on my own journey to motherhood after the jump!

No new bump shot for you yet, although you can expect one soon!  I have a drill coming up that will require me to finally be in full maternity ABUs (not just the pants), as well as an awards banquet (hello maternity semi-formal dress!).  My uniforms are currently at the tailor’s, as I wanted to make sure that my functional badge was on my ABU top and I had to get stripes sewn on my long-sleeved white blouse.  Seems odd, I know, but if you check the AFI, maternity semi-formal dress requires stripes on the white blouse, since I can’t wear a service coat.

I’m currently 31 weeks along and having a fairly easy, problem-free pregnancy [knocking on wood furiously].  It’s my goal to work (and drill) all the way up to my due date, and so far I’m on track to do so.  I did a decent job keeping up with my fitness initially, and was running and hitting the gym at least once a week up until my 28th week.  After that point, I just started getting short on time, as well as energy and motivation.  I know everyone struggles with that, but I had to take a different approach so I could focus my energy on nesting and other work-related responsibilities (I’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours/duties at work for the cash).  A friend of mine challenged everyone to a “25 Squats a Day in February” program and I’ve been sticking to that so far.

Other than that, I’m finally making progress in my nesting projects around the house.  The nursery is almost complete, aside from a couple of decor projects that DH has to complete (due to my physical limitations), which is such a relief to me.  We decided a while back to cloth diapers exclusively, so I’ve been very active in researching, building my stash, and networking online in that community [Obsess much?  Yes, I do!].

The next nine weeks are going to go by quickly, and I’m trying to prepare myself as much as possible.  We have our maternity shoot scheduled, our childbirth prep classes, a local shower, a working shower, not to mention lesson planning and IEP writing for the time I’ll be gone.  I’m a busy lady, to say the least, but I’ve never had it any other way!  🙂


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  • Melsaid

    I can't imagine the journey to motherhood without my mother around. It sounds like you've got an amazing support system in place anyway (though not as a replacement, to be sure!) Oh, and I'm in that system, in case you're wondering! 🙂