Ah yes, because things can’t ever go smoothly…

Just as I finished up a post about being a Woman Of Action yesterday, my recruiter finally emailed/called me back!  I wasn’t too surprised by what he had to say.  Being of non-prior service, the opportunities in the Colorado area to find a position available in the Air Force Reserve are difficult.  He said he has people that travel multiple states away, once a month, just to drill in an available slot.  The fact that my degrees were non-technical wasn’t an issue, but the availability of opportunities is a problem.  His recommendation was for me to go in as enlisted reserve, put in my time, and then go from E to O internally.  I’m not sure where I want to go from here, if I want to check out USAR opportunities or if I want to consider the enlisted route.  This definitely merits conversation with DH.  The recruiter did seem to suggest that there may be some flexibility in terms of training and my schedule.  We’ll see – I’ll keep you posted.

As for DH, there’s still no USAR bonus in sight.  I’ve been calling Carson and Bragg, and they both say that it’s the other post’s responsibility.  I finally had to push the responsibility back onto DH, since I wasn’t getting anywhere.  He started to get the run-around as well, but finally seems to be making some headway.  Worst case scenario, there’s a possibiliy he may have to have a new contract drawn up and swear in again, just so we can get this bonus to go through.  It’s all a little ridiculous, and yet not surprising that someone dropped the ball along the way.  And wait, surprise, surprise, DH’s original reserve recruiter is on leave right now, so we’re not able to speak with him directly.

So much for Christmas miracles!  We’re probably looking at January now, if we’re lucky, for this enlistment bonus to go through.  May I remind you, my husband ETSed in September and checked into his reserve unit in October.

In good news, he goes to WLC next month and he’s on active duty pay for twenty days – WHOO HOO!  And you never thought people could get excited about a military pay check!  It means DH will be back home with us in Colorado, instead of being on the road, which I’m very happy about.  🙂  He says one of his SNCOs is also looking into all of the other schools he can go to next. 

Good things are coming to our family, they just like to test our patience first!