32 Week Update

Well, maybe not quite 32 weeks, but close enough!  It’s been ten weeks since IMG 0757
When I was laying out my uniform last night, I realized that I could still fit into my regular (BMT issued) top.  I asked DH whether he thought I should wear my normal ABU top or the maternity, and he said to go for the maternity because of the “ride-up” factor of the normal one.  I went ahead and wore the new one, albeit a bit reluctantly, although I had just gone to the trouble of taking it to get my functional badge sewn on.  
Being able to still blouse my own pants and put on my boots unassisted felt like a big accomplishment this morning.  I want to blouse as long as possible, as well as avoid having to wear sneakers.  Anyone who’s ever been pregnant knows that bending over to tie shoes doesn’t happen much when you hit this point.  I do a lot of Mr. Rogers-style shoe tying, with one foot crossed over my knee.  We’ll see how I’m doing when the April UTA rolls around.  I will be 38 weeks by that point, so I may be singing a different tune.
The Fit
My maternity ABU pants still fit ok, and the elastic waistband doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.  If you have a long torso or you’re tall, it may bother you the way it hits your belly.  I thought it would bother me more, based on my first experience with them, but it’s not bad.  I haven’t had to remove the elastic yet.  If you’ve got a short or normal torso, it may go up as high as right under your bust.  My normal sand t-shirts still fit, and I still tuck them into my pants.  I’ve read about Airmen who don’t bother tucking them in, but that seems a little unkempt to me after everything we’ve been taught about dress and appearance.
I’m still not a fan of the maternity ABU top.  The tabs on the side seem more decorative than anything else, which is just silly.  There are no additional buttons present to cinch the sides tighter, and unbuttoning the tabs doesn’t really do anything much.  There are pleats underneath them, but they’re pretty much pressed open, so they’re worthless.  The absence of upper chest pockets emphasizes the bell shape of the top.
I’ve been shoving everything I can into my pockets, including all of the pens that would normally go in my pen pockets.  It seemed to work out ok today, although I kept feeling around to determine where I had stashed my stuff.  Shouldn’t have been that difficult, since there are only four pockets total in both garments.  😉  Blame it on my pregnancy-induced absentmindedness.
Current Gripe
If you’re tall or have really long arms, the outlook isn’t good for you.  My, normally huge BMT-issued ABU top is a 16L.  So, when I ordered the maternity top, I sized it down to a 14L.  Bad move on my part.  The 14L sleeves aren’t all that long, and I wonder if the 16L would’ve been better.  My recommendation for anyone would be to stick with their pre-pregnancy size when it comes to ABUs.  As for blues, that’s another story.  I tried on my white long-sleeved blouse for the upcoming awards banquet.  I’m normally a medium in blouse sizes, so that’s what I requested.  With there being no long option for the blues tops, you’re going to have to size up in order to get the sleeve length you need.  My medium was probably a good four inches too short in the sleeves, and I had to go back and buy a large.  I’ll probably have to attempt to resell the medium since it was already out of the package and I can’t return it at this point.  It’s a bummer when you know you’re only going to wear it one time.  If you can try on items before you commit to them, that’d be ideal, but the maternity pickings can be slim at clothing sales.
That’s all I’ve got for now, folks!  I’ll have another update at 33 weeks, after the banquet and my debut in semi-formal maternity wear.  The beauty of having just been to the board is that my blueberry muumuu is good to go for the banquet – I just have to remove my name tag.  I purchased the above-mentioned white blouse (that fits better, although still not quite long enough), had my stripes sewn on it, and just need to take it to the dry cleaner.  Everything else I have in my possession already.  I’m taking a much more relaxed approach to the banquet this year since it’s not my first.  Throw on the muumuu and roll out, you know?

P.S.  Forgot to mention!  I am not far out from my 34th week, which is the stopping point for participation in military duty as a Reservist unless I live within 50 miles of my duty station [I do], and my doctor/my commander/I support continued participation.  I should’ve been more mindful of those numbers when I went to my last doctor’s appointment, as I now have to call them up to request that letter.  Otherwise, I’ve been really good about submitting my “she’s ok, baby’s ok” notes from the doctor to the on-base clinic. Luckily, I should be able to wrap that up on Monday or so, since they want it by next weekend – a little sooner than I’d expected.  Ultimately, I only have five more days of duty (that I’d like to do) before the baby comes.  Where does the time go?!