Say what?! An OTS school date!

Prior to our normal July UTA, I had a few AT days scheduled, so I could get them done for the fiscal year.  It made for a long week, Monday through Sunday, that I was working, or the longest week I’ve had in a while.  When Wednesday rolled around, I attended a meeting at the wing level that involved representatives from each squadron, including some supervisors from the Military Personnel Section (MPS; the folks who process the DACP program).

photo air force training

I was sitting there with a wingman, taking everything in and waiting for the meeting to start, when someone asked me, “so, did you get the letter?”

Um, come again?

Seems my selection letter had just come in the day or so before and they had it in their email.  At first, I wasn’t sure if this was some sort of horrible joke, as I was told my school date was next month.  I was familiar enough with the 2015 school dates and I knew that the next date was August 6th.  A mere twenty-eight days away.

photo Military training

The deliverer of this news wasn’t expecting the reaction they got.  “Flabbergasted” is a good way to describe my initial feelings towards this news.  Am I excited?  Yes.  But it is a bittersweet, loaded bunch of emotions that come with it.  Remember that I’ve been going through this process since the fall of 2012.  To say it’s been dragging is an understatement.  So, to sign the final papers on the 23rd of June and see a selection letter dated the 1st of July was beyond anything I ever expected.  That meant I had twenty-eight days.  Twenty-eight days to prepare my family for my departure, to get my daughter to sleep in the big girl bed, and to wean her.  DH is only home temporarily, before some additional duty out of state.  That means our family care plan is in full effect and DD is being watched by FIL.  I have no doubt that she’ll be way taken care of, but I also want to get a support network together for him, as that’s a big nine-week undertaking for anyone.  Never mind the fact that I’m sure my school administrators are thrilled to hear that I won’t be starting the school year with them.  The thought of writing lesson plans right now prior to leaving seems daunting, and low on my priority list in comparison to my family, military, and personal obligations.

That’s where I’m at, readers.  I have twenty-two days remaining.  So many things to share with you already, but I definitely feel like I hit the rewind button back to 2011 and I’m preparing to go to BMT all over again, except with a lot more luggage and money out of pocket prior to leaving.  Forgive me if I can’t share right away, but you can expect lots of stories when I return!  Eyes on the prize, the 10th of October, and those gold bars.



  • Auniesaid

    Oh my gosh, Erin. So much coming at you all at once! I'm SO EXCITED for you!! This is going to be such a big step and growing season for you, DH AND Molly. You are going to do such great things… I just know it. Proud of you and all you've done. These next days are going to go by so quickly. Can't wait to hear your experiences with OTS–I'll hopefully be going through AMS in the next couple years 🙂 Thinking of you!

  • Droyd Appsolutelysaid

    Hey Erin, I just found your blog its a great help. I'm about 13days from heading to basic. I wanted to know when did you start your OTS process? I was told a year after I'm in to start it. Is that true? I do have a bachelors. Any advice on what I need to do when going the OTS route

  • Erinsaid

    A year is pretty standard. You'll need to establish yourself within the wing to help increase your chances of being selected by the board. I achieved my five level and got my CCAF degree during that time period.

  • Droyd Appsolutelysaid

    Oh OK then I should focus on that Right after tech school. Thanks. Your journey is an inspiration. I'll definitely Aim High in all that I do.

  • Unknownsaid

    Im still in the stages of talking to my recruiter (more, in getting them to call me back!) Ive been told that going in enlisted and then trying to go OTS is the best route, but I feel like I'm caught: I'm 26, (27 in the summer), with a my bachelor's degree, and I want to be a pilot. Being that the age limit for pilot is (at the last time I heard it, 27.5) I feel like I have to jump straight into trying for my commission. If you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears. At the same time, is there any advice you (or any of your readers) have for me, to help my chances of getting commissioned? If it plays into your response any, I'm planning on starting out as a reservist,before possibly switching to active duty in another few years.