NORAD Tracks Santa!

Personnelist by day, Santa Tracker by night!

We are a mere nine days…I repeat, nine days…away from Christmas Day!  If you’ve been a long-time reader of AHE, you may know that I’ve volunteered with NORAD Tracks Santa for the last two years as an official Santa Tracker.  It’s an amazing experience, if you’re a Colorado Springs local, and the volunteer slots fill up really quickly, as they open them up to civilians and military-connected personnel. 

Some of the folks I’ve talked to weren’t even aware that you could call into the Santa Tracker – they’ve only been tracking online.  You can call (877-HI-NORAD) or email the Santa Trackers and we’ll let you know where Santa’s at, when he should arrive at your location, and answer any other questions you have to the best of our abilities!  There’s also apps you can download to your smartphone or you can track on your computer at 

In the meantime, the NORAD Santa website has a ton of fun games, information, and other cool videos to keep your Santa stalkers busy while they eagerly await the big day.  Tracking begins at 0300 MST on December 24th!

This year I will not be participating, as I’ll be at home counting down the minutes with my own little elf, but I know that I will resume Santa tracking duties when her Santa years have passed.

[Not a sponsored post at all, it’s just AWESOME and therefore you should track Santa too.]