Anniversaries and Postpartum PT

DH and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary today.  Six years ago I became a military spouse.  I didn’t marry a man who was already in and settled.  We did what many military couples do – got married at a courthouse on graduation weekend.  I drove 1700 miles from California to Missouri to see my husband for the first time in ten weeks and hightail it on over to the courthouse.  I wouldn’t do it any other way.  Sure, we didn’t get a wedding night (curfew mandated that he return to the barracks) or a honeymoon, but its simplicity made it so meaningful for us.  The military’s had its hand in our relationship ever since, separating us for months and years at a time.  When it’s worth it, you make it work and you find a way.  Here’s to six more years, and beyond!

Last year we were separated again, with DH at tech school down at Sheppard AFB, in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Not the most romantic place for an anniversary getaway, but I went down and DH went overboard for our 5th.  We unknowingly received the best gift that year, and nine months later DD was born.

On the actual day of our 5th anniversary, I took my first PT test in the operational Air Force.  I was as anxious as you can imagine, and I did a significant amount of prep work to ensure my best performance.  I was pregnant at the time, although it was a few days after conception and I was unaware.  I had been hitting the gym every day while on seasoning training and eating clean.  The hard work paid off when I got a 96.5, ensuring that I wouldn’t have to test again for a year.  Well, DD changed all that, as you have six months to take your test after giving birth.

Before I became a parent, six months seemed like plenty of time to get back into acceptable shape for a PT test.  Oh friends, how naive I was!  My daughter will be four months old tomorrow, which means a mere two months stand between me and my testing due date.  If you factor in that PT tests are typically done on UTA weekends, that means I probably have even less time, maybe a month, unless I make arrangements to do it during a weekday and take time off from my civilian job.  Have I done much working out?  That’s laughable.  I haven’t ran since my 28th week of gestation.  I tried doing sit-ups the other day and I felt the measly 25 that I’d done a couple days later.  Needless to say, I’m not gunning for a 96 and an “Excellent” rating this year.  I’ll be happy with a passing “Satisfactory.”  Time to start eating better in preparation, getting FIL to watch DD for an hour while I go take a run, and doing pushups/sit-ups while watching TV every evening.  It’s time to get serious.  I know that a non-passing score not only subjects me to all of the not-so-fun discipline that’s come down the pike, but also jeopardizes my OTS package.  Fingers crossed! 


  • Laurensaid

    Hey Erin! I am just stopping by from Meagan's blog to say hello! I am not military but I do live in Warner Robins, GA and many of my friends here are Air Force! If you ever TDY or PCS here, look me up!! Take care, Lauren

  • Katiesaid

    Good luck! I know that I came a really long way for all my my PT tests! It will be tough, but I'm sure you can do it!

  • Christina Bordensaid

    Good luck! My first PT test after my son was born was as rough as my first honest PT in Basic Training- B R U T A L. Then again, I did not really work to get back in shape… LOL… somehow, with angels carrying me, I am sure, I passed. I have a feeling you will do just fine! (and I love your wedding photo!!!)

  • Erinsaid

    @Erika – Thank you, it's one of my favorites!@Mrs. Duh – Thanks hon, I'm for sure going to try my best!@Lauren – Thank you for your warm welcome!@Kristi – Thanks hon!@Katie – Thanks for the encouragement!@Christina – I completely understand where you're coming from! Thanks!