If you’ve been following the

If you and your loved ones haven’t already liked their FB page or visited their site, get on it!  It’s one of the best sources of information available on BMT, especially for those supporting a trainee.  They have great info on where to stay in the area, details about graduation, and you can network with other loved ones in your trainee’s flight.  I wish my friends and family would’ve known about it before I left for BMT, as it is great for keeping everyone motivated and informed back at home so they can better encourage you while you’re down there.  

Hope to see you online tomorrow night!

I’m a 31 year old Navy sister, Army wife - Air Force wife to a prior service Marine/Soldier, and an Air Force Reservist. I am a happy wife and mother. My husband switched branches and joined me in the Air Force Reserve. We look forward to a future of dual military service!


  • Emily Walshsaid

    Hi Erin! I just got done checking out your blog and had a quick question. Being that you are an air force wife, I was hoping you'd be interested in helping me spread awareness to some of the health risks of military service. I'd love for your help, could you please email me about this? Thanks : )Emily