Maternity Uniforms

What I want to show you is that being pregnant is not infallible in BMT and that you will be given an army maternity uniform. This article is for women who are afraid to get into a situation like mine. There will be a lot about maternity army uniforms.

Advice at once: before you get pregnant, think of a military maternity uniform))

Ah, AirForce maternity uniforms!  You’ll most likely have a love/hate relationship with them, for various reasons I’ll share below.  At this point in my pregnancy, I’m twenty-two weeks along.  I’ve been wearing a mix of maternity and normal uniform pieces, so I’ll share what I’ve learned so far about the army maternity uniform.


Acquisition of air force maternity uniform

You’ll be issued maternity uniforms, or at least the basics to get you by.  As soon as you learn that you’re pregnant, it’s best to see the clothing monitor in your orderly room, also known as the Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) office.  When I learned of my pregnancy, I found out that budget constraints were making for long wait times.  Better to put in your request on air force maternity uniform before you actually need them and can’t wear your normal uniforms anymore. 

pregnant in Air Force
If you’re Active Duty, your doctor will give you a note that you’ll take to finance.  Your finance office will then give you an additional clothing allowance to purchase your own maternity uniforms. If you should have to wear an infrequently worn uniform, I’d highly recommend checking out the AFI well in advance of your event.  I learned late in the game that the service dress required me to wear a long-sleeved blue shirt, which I didn’t own (a maternity one).  Thankfully I was able to wear a non-maternity one and it fit fine.  Plus, under the jumper, you couldn’t tell if I left part of it unbuttoned (which I didn’t need to).  Service dress also required the satin tie-tab, which I’ve only ever worn with the semi-formal dress when not pregnant.  The semi-formal dress requires the white long-sleeved blouse, pretty standard, but it requires that you have chevrons on that shirt, which is atypical of non-maternity uniforms.  Do your research so you’re not having to scramble at the last minute!  Don’t forget those maternity pantyhose! 

 What I`m wearing: about maternity blues and maternity ABUs

I wear maternity ABUs.  Even now  I’m wearing maternity ABU trousers and my regular ABU top.  All of my other items are non-maternity, including outer garments, cold weather gear, and sand t-shirts.  I’ve had to wear the jumper for my Deserving Airman Commissioning Board when a service dress was required.  I haven’t had to wear blues, since I’m not typically there on Blues Monday.  Plus, now that the Space Command has put an end to Blues Monday, I’ll probably rarely wear them. That’s why I don’t need maternity blues. 


Currently, I’m wearing maternity ABU trousers and my regular ABU top.  All of my other items are non-maternity, including outer garments, cold weather gear, and sand t-shirts.  I’ve had to wear the jumper for my Deserving Airman Commissioning Board when a service dress was required.  I haven’t had to wear blues, since I’m not typically there on Blues Monday.  Plus, now that the Space Command has put an end to Blues Monday, I’ll probably rarely wear them.
I was issued one set of maternity ABUs, a short-sleeved maternity blues blouse, a long-sleeved semi-formal white blouse, maternity blues trousers, and a jumper.  If my ABUs become unserviceable, I have to swap them out or purchase my own.  When I ordered my sizes, I went down one size from my normal ABUs (which were issued at BMT), since I’d heard they ran large.  This probably wasn’t the best advice.  I can see myself having to get another pair of maternity ABU pants eventually, as I felt like I was stretching the elastic waist to the max when I was first trying them on.  The ABU top is very much babydoll shaped at this point, so I haven’t worn it yet.  I would look downright ridiculous with that flared top right now, so I’m holding off until I absolutely can’t fit into my normal ABU tops (which are huge) anymore.  My normal ABU top covers the elastic panel in my pants, so it’s a non-issue.
Maternity cold-weather gear is non-existent.
 If I was Active Duty in a cold location, I’d be in search of maternity thermals in off-white to wear under my uniforms.  I have my issued thermals that I just fold down in the meantime, but I don’t know how much longer they’ll fit.  Fortunately, most of the outer garments are so large, they’ll grow with me.  I’m still blousing my pants and wearing my boots, which I intend to do for as long as possible.  I can see this being an issue as my stomach gets larger.  Interestingly enough, the maternity ABU pants aren’t hemmed at the bottom (despite being available in short, regular, and long lengths), so keep this in mind if you decide to start wearing athletic shoes with your uniforms at some point. 
A Love/Hate Relationship
Many women have a love/hate relationship with air force maternity uniforms.  Ask around and most moms will tell you that there must have been designed by a man, due to the lack of stylishness and functionality.  You can see in my pictures that most of these pieces are pretty unattractive and are meant to function, rather than flatter.  The elastic in the maternity ABU pants can be really bothersome.  The suggestion was made to me to take the elastic out and replace it with a drawstring cord of some type, so it’s not as uncomfortable.  The maternity jumper is something no one looks attractive in, but at least it has hidden side pockets!  It’s a very “freeing” garment though, which is a plus, and there’s nothing constricting you.  Be careful – the sizing runs big.  I can fit my entire family in the jumper, husband included.  You might consider having it taken in on the sides, which was recommended to me as well.  Just be careful that your maternity blouse underneath doesn’t make it look lumpy if you have it tailored.  
Maternity Uniforms

Weaknesses of military maternity uniform

My biggest complaint is the lack of functionality in the maternity ABUs.  It’s as though the designer viewed pregnant women as completely useless, even in the office.  There are no hip pockets in the pants, only tiny pockets on the sides.  The blouse has no breast pockets, just two small patch pockets in front.  Neither garment has pen pockets.  Absolutely ridiculous, especially when you figure that most pregnant women are going to be kept inside an office, doing administrative tasks during this time.  As a Personnel, this is really frustrating to me, and this is why I’m holding onto my non-maternity top for as long as possible.


In conclusion about military maternity uniform

I’ve found that a positive attitude and smile goes a long way when sporting these uniforms.  No one is going to look particularly attractive, so you may as well have fun with it!  I owned that maternity jumper and it was a great conversation starter in my squadron.  If I would’ve dwelled on the negative of military maternity uniform, I know that would’ve come across during my board, and potentially affected my confidence and outward appearance to the board members. Stay comfortable, Airman mommy, and rock those maternity uniforms!


  • Bikegirlsaid

    You are looking fantastic! Even in the maternity uniforms! lol! I think they need a woman to redesign them so they are actually funtional to wear! Hope you have a merry christmas!

  • Active Duty Mommysaid

    For active duty you can't get maternity clothing allowance every pregnancy…unfortunately. It's only allowed every 3 years and obviously can't apply for it unless pregnant. Good info you put together! -Active Duty Mommy of 2…1 on the way!

  • Brooke Savagesaid

    I went to military clothing issue and they recommended I order my maternity uniform 2 sizes larger than my regular uniform size. Does anyone know if this information is accurate or not?