Development & Training Flight

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I am excited to announce that I’ll be working with the newly formed Development & Training Flight (D&TF) for the 302nd Airlift Wing at Peterson AFB!

D&TF is a new(er) program that Reserve units are adopting, slowly but surely, across the country to help prepare those who are waiting to ship to BMT.  

Active duty enlistees typically have their own monthly meetings and activities, although they may take on a different form.  When I enlisted, my monthly DEP (Delayed Entry Program) “meetings” consisted of a weigh-in and signing some papers.  There wasn’t much in the way of networking and knowledge sharing.  D&TF changes all of that and better prepares people for BMT.  Meeting your fellow shippers, staying motivated, and getting paid [yes, you’ll get paid for attending]?  What’s not to like about that set-up!

Development & Training Flight

D&TF is designed to meet during the normal UTA weekend for Reservists.

 I took a peek at our agenda and it’s going to be packed.  Think of it as my website and BMT Facebook groups in real-time. Saturday starts early, at 0600, and I think lights out was around 2100, or something similar.  The time in between that was scheduled for PT, transit time, briefings, meals, and various other activities.  There will be classroom knowledge (the Airman’s Creed, the Air Force Song), information from legal and finance, and endless opportunities to network with fellow trainees heading to BMT.  I spoke with the Airman who will be leading our D&TF today and I am so excited about what she has in store for our enlistees!

Anyone else participates in D&TF?  What has been helpful for you?  What hasn’t worked out well?  I appreciate any and all input on your D&TF experience, as it’ll help us mold ours!



  • Takeo Edasaid

    Hello! Glad to see you're gaining a DT&F, I'm B-flight lead instructor for the DT&F at the 349th AMW at Travis AFB. By know I'm pretty sure you know it's a morning-till-night gig, but when your trainees come back minted as Airmen, there's nothing like it in the world. Good luck! And if you are at Travis feel free to stop by to compare notes.-TSgt Takeo Eda

  • Erinsaid

    @TSgt Eda – Thanks for stopping by the site! I'm not an instructor, but I do assist ours as I can with briefings and whatnot. I love the excitement of future Airmen, there's nothing like it. Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it!