AFOQT Results

I shared with you earlier this month about my experience taking the AFOQT.  Since I took it on paper, I was expecting to hear about my results in a couple of weeks.  I had seen rumors online that there was a website where you could look up that information but never got a solid lead.  Facebook to the rescue!  A kind person pointed me in the right direction

My scores on the subtests are compiled into composite scores in five different areas, including Pilot (P), Navigator (N), Academic Aptitude (A), Verbal (V), and Quantitative (Q). has this great table to help show you how your scores on each of the subtests make up each of the composite scores.

photo Air Force AFOQT Results
Now that I look at that chart, it’s interesting to see that the Rotated Blocks and the Hidden Figures seemingly don’t count for anything.  Weird.  

On with my scores!
Pilot – 87
Navigator – 95
Academic Aptitude – 93
Verbal – 81
Quantitative – 94
Air Force AFOQT Results
I was ecstatic to see my scores tonight, and I’m very pleased with how I did!  I wish my Verbal could’ve been higher, but those sections went by so quickly and I had to guess in the end.  I was shocked to see how well I did on the Navigator section.  I really tried to practice understanding those dials and compasses and how they affect the positioning of the aircraft, so I’m proud of how I did.  Of course, I’m too old to be a pilot and a navigator, so even though I did well, it won’t result in me being either one of those types of officers.

I feel really good about these scores that I’ll be bringing forward as a part of my commissioning package.  Aside from the Verbal, they’re very strong and competitive.  A friend asked if I was going to retest to try to get a higher score.  While I can take the AFOQT one more time, the second test will waive these first scores (regardless of whether I score higher or lower) and I’d have to wait six months to retest.  With me planning to put my package in this fall, that doesn’t work in my schedule.  I’m very satisfied with what I’ve earned, and I’m moving forward to the next step!    

Air Force AFOQT Results


  • Johnsaid

    Hi Erin what book did use to prepare for AFOQT? Let me know please. I took the test and my results were extremely poor! I need some help.

  • Auniesaid

    Um, OK so your scores were like the craziest percentile ever. My scores were passing (not as good as I'd hoped) and still qualify me for every job. Yours are INSANE! You're a genius, Erin!

  • Rochelle Williamssaid

    Hi Erin I have been using the DOD MWR website library resource and I wanted to know how can you get a precises average of the practice test on how you will actually score on the real test.

  • Erinsaid

    @Rochelle Williams – That was the only resource out there that I used, so you might want to poke around and see what else you can find, or see if there's material in print yet that reflects the most recent update of the test. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you!

  • Fernando Murgiasaid

    Hi Erin, I'm super impressed about your scores you did a Fantastic job!!! How would you recommend to approach this test? I have a rated selection board coming up in November and have been looking at this test but really want to hone in on the score just like you did.

  • Unkiesaid

    I tried the link you gave to look at my scores, but it shot me back out to the fill in page. Do I need a government computer to view this?

  • SweetTalk379said

    Hi! I know this post is a few years old, but I'm planning on taking the AFOQT in a month and a half and have been brushing up on math skills. Now I'm actually ready to study material specific to the AFOQT. What was your studying schedule like? How did you organize the way you studied?

  • Erinsaid

    @Fernando Murgia – Thank you! My recommendation is to go in there and not second guess yourself for a second. Speed is everything. My primary mode of studying was just to do those online practice tests and go through that information in preparation for the test.@Unkie – It shouldn't. I believe I checked at home. It's very possible the system could have been down that day – you know how DoD IT systems go.@SweetTalk379 – I didn't have a specific schedule, per say. I just did every online practice test that the Peterson DoD Military Library offered, as well as reviewing the PDF tests. I'm sorry to say I didn't have a very organized method of studying to pass along.

  • Erinsaid

    @Brian Bowser – I think by the time I realized they were online, they were already up. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you, but I just don't know.

  • john williamssaid

    Hey Erin congratulations on your scores. My wife has just started studying for the AFOQT and I was wondering if I could private message you with a couple questions. Thank you