BMT: Murphy’s Law

Military families are no stranger to Murphy’s Law.  I was a military spouse before I became a service member, so I was used to the idea that things go to hell when your service member leaves.  As soon as they leave, the car breaks down, major appliances stop working, pipes burst, etc.  Of course, it happens all at once, so you’d better have a level head and a good support system in place.

Air Force BMT: Dust Down
Soldiers of 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division salute the American flag as the United States anthem is being played during their departure ceremony at historic Fort Snelling May 22, 2011. 1st BCT will be deploying to Kuwait in support of Operation New Dawn.

Just when I thought this sort of thing only happened when my husband was away, I got a little reminder that Murphy doesn’t discriminate when it comes to gender…
photo ots air force Here I was, on the phone with DH during one of my weekly fifteen-minute calls.  I’m not sure how he dropped the bomb, but he told me that – no lie – our house had been struck by lightning and there had been a fire.  No one was hurt, DH and his daughter were driving back from California, and FIL wasn’t in the house at the time.  Check out that link and video, I’m not joking!  This is the stuff that drinking stories are made of!

I’m a control freak, so you can imagine what my thoughts were at the time.  My husband was without me at home, managing the post-catastrophe clean-up and insurance process without me.  At BMT, you won’t have the time or the power to manage your at-home affairs.  They’re out of your hands, and you have trust and put faith in your spouse/family/loved one(s).  Hopefully, you’ve put plans in place before you left, so you minimize your worries.  Your first priority must be the task at hand – focusing on your training and graduating.  Murphy’s always going to be lingering around in the shadows – prepare for the worst, hope for the best!