BMT: End Of Course Test

Air Force the End of Course (EOC) test is the final written evaluation of all of your education and training at BMT, which is concentrated on War Skills and Military Studies (WSMS).  The classroom training is what you’ll be assessed on, not the practical, hands-on training.  That training is assessed through your performance at BEAST.

photo BMT EOC test 
The EOC is taken during your 7WOT.  We took ours on Friday, one of the days where we were wearing our blues.  It was a proud moment to walk into there and take that test, knowing that we were days away from graduation.  Testing security is very strict for the EOC, so prior to testing you’ll get the speech about not cheating, not disclosing questions on the EOC, etc.  It is a Scantron test, so you’ll find out the results fairly quickly after you complete the test.  Any trainees that fail the test will be informed ASAP, but more on that later.

The EOC only covers material presented in the BMTSG, and only certain chapters in the BMTSG.  This is the Air Force – work smarter, not harder.  Make sure you study only the necessary chapters in preparation for the EOC.  There is so much information in the BMTSG – almost six hundred pages – so you can’t possibly study it all.  Out of fifty-eight chapters in the BMTSG, thirty-two of them address topics presented on the EOC.  Do yourself a favor early on and bookmark, tab, or highlight these chapters, so you know which to study for.  Each chapter has a series of review questions at the end of it.  Make sure to study those in depth, and skim/review the chapters as best as you can.

photo BMT EOC test
The EOC has one hundred questions and is a closed book, multiple choice test.  If you’re shooting to be an Honor Graduate, you have to score at least a 90% on the test.  Any less than that and you can count yourself out of the running.  Per the BMTSG, if you fail the EOC you’ll re-test using a different version of the test.  You must achieve a 70% to pass the EOC.

For those of you who aren’t good test takers, don’t start stressing yourselves out.  You’ll have mandatory study time in the dorm, where you’ll have a thirty minute chunk of time blocked off (almost daily) to review your BMTSG.  When you’re at the mini-mall, you can pick up some study materials/supplies, such as highlighters or index cards.  If you need a study buddy or tips while you’re down there, you can consult with your Academic Monitor for advice and encouragement.  

Buckle down, trainees, and good luck on your EOC!  The toughest part is staying awake in class!



  • ccebsaid

    are ab's required to notify their relatives if they didn't pass their EOC the first time once they are informed?

  • Broken_Warrior27said

    I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the BMTSG from my recruiter via email, my dad actually took the time to print it out for me so that I could begin studying early. I ship out 18Sept2012. I'm not sure if you can say or not, but in reference to the statement that only certain chapters are covered on the EOC, can you disclose the chapters that should be emphasized in studying?

  • Erinsaid

    @Broken_Warrior27 – If your version is the same as mine, there's a page that lists them all in a table. Find one of the early chapters that describes the EOC and see if you can find it in there. If not, email me at

  • BrownLaura8847said

    @broken_warrior27 I have been doing everything I can to prepare for BMT. I found pages that summarized what will be taught, c&p it into a word doc to study, 60pgs of size 7 font. I would love it if you could email me what your recruiter sent you. Thank you.

  • Erinsaid

    @Dan Shipman – I know a trainee is allowed to retake the EOC if they fail. I'm not sure what happens if they fail a second time, if they'd be recycled or if they'd be discharged. They do give you plenty of study time, and it's built into your schedule. They don't try to set you up for failure, I promise you that.

  • Erinsaid

    Not sure if anyone has been providing copies of the BMTSG, but please know that I do not have it available. Sorry for any confusion!

  • K9 Communesaid

    I just wanted to say thanks for your blog. My son just wrote from BMT in acronyms. My husband and other two children were Army. I'm used to the alphabet soup, but now I'm doing it in another language! Thanks!

  • Erinsaid

    @KP Commune – Glad to help, and what a proud mom you must be! Thanks to you and your family for your legacy of service! Congratulations on your son's upcoming graduation!

  • cesf26said

    My son didn't pass the EOC the first time and will take it again on Mon. He is very smart, but struggles taking test. He gets so anxious. What happens if he fails it on Mon?

  • Erinsaid

    @cesf26 – Sorry I didn't get back to you prior to Monday. How did I go? Unfortunately, I'm inclined to believe they would either recycle your son (send him back in training) or discharge him completely. I hope things worked out in his favor!