BMT: House Mouse


“Who is your House-Mouse?”
“Sir, trainee so-and-so reports as ordered.
We do not have a House Mouse, we have a Flight Office Technician.”
Another duty/detail in your dorm will be the position of Flight Office Technician, affectionately, and more oftentimes known as the “House Mouse.”  While the moniker of House Mouse is commonplace, you won’t ever refer to this individual by this name while outside of the dorm.  This is the Air Force, this is serious business!  😉
The House Mouse serves as a secretary/personal assistant to the MTI.  This job may be described as one who cleans the flight office (the office inside of the dorm where the MTI conducts business), but that description only scratches the surface of the duties that go along with it.
photo BMT: House Mouse
Our House Mouse was positioned so that her bed was right outside of the flight office doors so that she wouldn’t have to go far when our MTI called for her.
As a House Mouse, your job duties may entail any of the following:
  • Managing appointments made for trainees.
  • Filling out appointment slips.
  • Taking notes for your MTI about trainees who want to have appointments made for them.
  • Informing your MTI of upcoming appointments.
  • Reminding your MTI of who may have returned from an appointment with new medication and/or a waiver.
  • Taking notes during meetings in the day room.
  • Facilitating the signing of rosters.  [This one is huge.  BMT has a roster for everything, as you’ll soon find out – rosters for phone calls made, MREs received, church services attended, weapons issued, etc.]
  • Assisting with the distribution of mail.
  • Posting the Daily Headlines in the day room.
  • Cleaning, dusting, and emptying the trash in the flight office.
  • Updating various rosters and signage in the hallway, including the access roster and the weekly schedule.
  • Color coding the weekly schedule for your MTI’s ease of use.

BMT: House Mouse

Get the idea?  The House Mouse does a ton of secretarial, office-oriented tasks.  You should be well-organized, attentive, thorough in your work, and a legible writer.  This trainee must be comfortable with reporting to the flight office (which is done using facing movements) and having a lot of face time with the MTI.  This is not a job for someone who is fearful or timid.  The bonus to this sort of role is that your MTI will know you well, and you’ll get to have a closer relationship with them than other trainees.  This will serve you well if you’re gunning to be an Honor Graduate since your MTI will be well acquainted with your work ethic and your attention to detail.


  • Heather Veilleuxsaid

    This is the job for me!I leave for BMT 7Jun2016. You mentioned in one of your posts that the MTI pretty much decides on his own who will be assigned what job. Is there an opportunity to request a specific position?Thanks for your hard work on this site, and in the USAF! You are a role model to many.

  • Erinsaid

    @Heather Veilleux – Thank you so much for your kind words! Each MTI approaches these assignments differently. If they ask you about work experience, you might want to highlight any administrative work you've done, organizational skills, etc. That's probably the best way to plant the bug in their ear, versus coming out and telling them what you want to do. Good luck to you!