BMT: Duties and Details, Part 3

Today I bring you part three of Duties and Details.   If you’re just joining me now, check out the introduction and Part 1 (bed alignment, shoe alignment, End of Bed Display) here, as well as Part 2 (Fire Monitor, Utility Crew, Day Room Crew, and Hallway/Chome Crew) here.

Academic Monitor

The Academic Monitor is tasked with the responsibility of making sure everyone passes the EOC (End of Course) exam.  While information, your Academic Monitor will be quizzing you, as well as during mandatory study time in your dorm.  This position can be somewhat stressful, as the Academic Monitor becomes the scapegoat when others aren’t keeping up with their studies.  If a trainee fails to answer a memory work question, the academic monitor may be called forward to have their 341 pulled.  Some trainees would try to sleep during mandatory study time, so the Academic Monitor is partially responsible for making sure they’re on-task.  The MTI will expect the Academic Monitor to do well on their own EOC, despite the fact that they’ll lose out on a lot of study time by mentoring everyone else.  The MTIs typically choose trainees who’ve had a strong educational background to be the Academic Monitor.  My MTI initially earmarked me to be the Academic Monitor, before he changed his mind.

BMT: Murphy's Law

PT Monitor

The PT Monitor’s job is to ensure that all of the trainees in the flight meet the PT standards and pass the final PT eval.  You don’t have any free time to accomplish this during the day, so our PT monitor used to mentor others after lights out in the drying room outside of the shower.  She would circulate throughout the dorm and give other trainees tips on how to improve their fitness through planks, doing sit-ups using the footboards of the bed, or doing modified pull-ups on the bottom bunk by pulling up their bodies using the bar on the bottom of the upper bunk.  Think personal trainer – a motivator, an encourager, someone who provides constructive feedback for others on their progress in physical training.

Water Monitor

The Water Monitor job/duty can be assigned to anyone in addition to their normal details, as it’s not a time-consuming detail.  The Water Monitor, if your MTI chooses to assign one, is the trainee who’ll remind everyone to keep up with the hydration schedule.  You’re required to drink 1/2 to 3/4 of a canteen every hour, which will seem like a ridiculous amount of water, especially if you’re not used to hydrating all of the time.  If the Water Monitor yells “hydrate,” everyone needs to take a sip.  We ended up not having a formal water monitor, and when anyone said to hydrate, we did.

Air force BMT: Duties and Details


I’m not sure if the Electrician was an official position, or if my MTI assigned it because it was a necessary task that typically got neglected.  The Electrician had to check all of the fluorescent lighting fixtures in the dorm and ensure they were all functional.  If one was burnt out, the Electrician would inform our MTI, or go down to PT supply and get the replacements themselves.


  • Charity Kiddersaid

    So I monitor my water intake each day and try to always have 1 gallon down..that said, I'm excited there is a hydration requirement! I was curious how well we were hydrated 🙂

  • Erinsaid

    @Charity – Good for you! Hydration is SO important down there, so the more you're used to downing a lot of water all day long, the better!

  • KPhillipRyansaid

    Amazing:) You joined the military:) Looks like we both made it. God Bless, hope you are doing well.