BMT: Squadron T-Shirt and Coin

324 TRS, no longer at Cunningham.  🙁

Sometime during the 7WOT, you’ll sign a roster and cough up cash for your squadron t-shirt and possibly the squadron’s challenge coin!  It may seem like you’re constantly getting hit up for money, but you’ll be glad to hand this over – it means you’re almost done!  I think the total for both was under $15.  They make it fairly reasonably priced, as everyone in your flight needs to be wearing a squadron t-shirt for the Airman’s Run on Thursday of graduation weekend.  Your shirt will be in the squadron’s color with the training complex on the front breast and the full logo/motto on the back.


Prior to traveling to Lackland,  your family can do their research (on the squadron challenge coin is not a required purchase, but there is usually a “package deal” for buying both.  Collecting challenge coins is popular in the military, and I knew I wanted to have one to remember where I was reborn as an Airman.